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Various Texas & Southwestern U.S.(New Mexico)Wrestling Territory Results

Here's all the threads that deal the various promotions in Texas and other Southwestern U.S. Wrestling results such as World Class, Boesch in Houston, Joe Blanchard's promotion, The Funks in Amarillo, etc, etc, etc. This part of the World is really rich in wrestling history, thereby there are lots of results to post. If anyone sees any errors or threads I missed please PM me with the changes please.

Amarillo Territory Results:

Amarillo Territory 75 To 78:

Amarillo 1968 Question:

Amarillo 1967 Question:

East Texas 1955:

East Texas 1956:

East Texas 1957:

East Texas 1958:

East Texas 1959:

East Texas 1960:

East Texas 1961:

East Texas 1962:

East Texas 1963:

East Texas 1964:

East Texas 1965:

West Texas & New Mexico 1948:

West Texas 1949:

West Texas 1955:

West Texas 1956:

West Texas 1957:

El Paso, Texas 1962 to 1964:

Random Texas Results:

Von Erich Memorial Shows-Parade Of Champions:

WCCW Sportatorium Dates & Match Listings For 1983:

Results Wanted-USWA-GWF-12/28/90-The Sportatorium:

Looking For Some Missing Houston Results:

Wrestling In Portales, New Mexico:

Arizona Results:

1950 Tucson:

Andre In Portales New Mexico?:

Killer Karl Kox vs. Killer Karl Krupp:

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