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 Posted: Wed Mar 17th, 2010 03:42 am
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5/15/84 Halifax, NS @ The Forum
Chief Tapu & Great Tio drew Hubert Gallant & Coco Samoa
Mark Lewin beat Chang Chung
Ron Sexton beat James J. Dillon
Mike Graham beat Rick Conners
Kendo Nagasaki beat Mike Allen
Kendo Nagasaki beat Mike Graham

5/24/84 Truro, NS
Lenny Montana beat Danny Young
Mike Blood beat The Alaskan
Steve Casey beat Lenny Montana
Joe Savoldi beat Sweet Daddy Siki dq
Archie Gouldie dcor Stephen Pettipas

5/29/84 St. John's, NF
Chris Carter beat Invader
Hartford Love no contest Bobby Colt
John Bonello & Mystery Partner beat Chris Carter & Jerry Graham Jr.
Wild Hogg beat Muhammed Saad

6/5/84 Halifax, NS @ The Forum
James J. Dillon beat Mark Lewin
Kendo Nagasaki beat Rudy Kay
The Beast & Ron Sexton beat Wild Samoans dq
Ron Sexton beat Mike Allen
Coco Samoa beat Chang Chung

6/5/84 St. John's, NF
Wild Hogg beat Invader
John Bonello drew Muhammed Saad
Hartford Love beat Chris Colt
Chris Carter beat Jerry Graham Jr dq

6/6/84 Truro, NS
Pat O'Brien & Cowboy Lang beat Paul Peller & Little Tokyo
Steve Casey & Stephen Pettipas beat Great Pogo & Bob Brown
Sweet Daddy Siki ddq Mr. T
Paul Peller drew Pat O'Brien

6/12/84 St. John's, NF
Jerry Graham Jr. beat Invader
Bobby Colt beat Muhammed Saad
John Bonello beat Wild Hogg
Jerry Graham Jr. & Chris Colt beat Hartford Love & Chris Carter

7/3/84 Halifax, NS @ The Forum
Leo Burke beat AWA Champion Rick Martel dq
Kendo Nagasaki beat Hubert Gallant
Coco Samoa beat George LaBelle
James J. Dillon beat Antonio Ricco
Handicap match
Bobby Kay & Rudy Kay beat Wild Samoans & Professor Kato  
Sky Low Low beat Little Brutus

7/5/84 Sportsplex; ??, NS
Lumberjack match for North American title
Jos Leduc vs Archie Gouldie   
Cuban Assassin & Sweet Daddy Siki vs Ronnie Rich & Cowboy Brett
European title match
Stephen Pettipas vs Karl Krupp  
British Empire Champion Steve Casey vs Great Pogo
Bob Brown & Lenny Montana vs Buddy Lane & Pat O'Brien
Mike Blood vs Chris Pepper
Tony Russo vs Danny Young

7/11/84 Truro, Nova Scotia
Bob Brown beat Ronnie Rich dq
Stephen Pettipas beat Karl Krupp dq
Steve Casey beat Great Pogo
The Alaskan drew Mike Blood
Paul Peller beat UFO

7/18/84 Truro, NS
Buddy Lane beat Lenny Montana
Tony Russo beat Danny Young
Cuban Assassin & Sweet Daddy Siki beat Pat O'Brien & Buddy Lane
Jos Leduc beat Archie Gouldie dq

9/5/84 Truro, NS
Great Pogo drew Rene Rougeau
Bulldog Bob Brown beat Ronnie Rich
Karl Krupp beat Buddy Lane
Steven Pettipas & Steve Casey beat Cuban Assassin & Sweet Daddy Siki dq

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