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 Posted: Mon Apr 5th, 2010 05:42 am
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freebirdsforever2001 wrote: stingmark wrote: freebirdsforever2001 wrote:
I know that the Lions have won Championships , but the statement was the last 30 Years. I did forget about the Lions 91 NFC Championship appearance. My apologies.

No worries. I dont forget(trust me) of the greatest years of my life.:D

Like I said earlier: dont bitch when McNabb's gone, and your davior Kolb can't even get you to the Playoffs, or nowhere near as far(or farther) than McNabb.

* Sigh * I'm NOT a big fan of Kolb, and I'm NOT convinced that He's the/or a answer. I've never said that I was a fan of Kolb's. The Eagles have gotten as far as They will with McNabb, and it's time to get Younger, and to move foward and re-build.

My biggest beef w/Eagles fans is: they blame McNabb for far too much. Just sayin: dont come back here and bitch, when McNabb beats the Eagles 1-2 times next year. They dont know how good they had it with that guy. As I said...had he played for Detroit...that guy would be able to write his own ticket out of town, they'd probably name streets after him, and so forth. He'd be worshipped in Detroit, just like Stafford WILL be.

The rock group Cinderella said it best with this song: "Dont know what you got...till it's gone".

"I went to the #6th ranked liberal Arts College in California, I'm smarter than anyone else"(Also found out to be a formerly racist institution-Jeff Forsyth)