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 Posted: Thu May 6th, 2010 04:43 am
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2/12/76 Bakersfield, CA @ Strelich Stadium
Freddie Blassie Cage Match
Raul Mata beat Black Gordman
Referee Johnny Red Shoes Dugan
Roddy Piper beat Pork Chop Cash COR
John Tolos beat Great Goliath via pin in 9:00
Chavo Guerrero beat Karl Von Brauner dq when manager Senor X interfered
Hurricane Frank Hester beat Rock Riddle
Att: “another large and enthusiastic crowd”

4/22/76 Bakersfield, CA @ Strelich Stadium
Chavo Guerrero beat Roddy Piper to win the Jules Strongbow Memorial Scientific Trophy
Loser of the 3rd fall must leave Bakersfield
Crusher Verdu & Mr. America beat John Tolos & Mr Mexico when Verdu pinned Mr. Mexico in the 3rd fall.
Fabulous Frank Monte beat Pork Chop Cash dq when Cash hit Monte with a stretcher
Dennis Stamp beat Black Baron in 7:00

5/13/76 Bakersfield, CA @ Strelich Stadium
Americas Champion Chavo Guerrero beat Fabulous Frank Monte
Americas Tag Team Champions Roddy Piper & Crusher Verdu beat John Tolos & Tony Russo when Verdu defeated Russo
The Alaskan beat Pork Chop Cash dq
Tony Rocco beat Bengali via pin
Att: “large crowd”

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We are the priests
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