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 Posted: Thu May 6th, 2010 03:56 pm
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7/1/76 Bakersfield, CA @ Strelich Stadium
Chavo Guerrero beat Crusher Verdu by reverse decision
Butcher Vachon & Gory Guerrero beat Mr. California & Roddy Piper COR
Stretcher Match
Pork Chop Cash dcor Fabulous Frank Monte
Mr. Mexico II beat Mr. California

7/8/76 Bakersfield, CA @ Strelich Stadium
Stretcher Match
Butcher Vachon beat Fabulous Frank Monte in the 7th fall when Monte's partner Crusher Verdu attempted to hit Vachon with brass knuckles. Vachon ducked and Verdu hit Monte instead. The falls were tied at 3 to 3 going into the 7th fall.
If Verdu wins, ring announcer Norm Howard must face Verdu for two minutes.
Crusher Verdu beat Pork Chop Cash via pin after Fabulous Frank Monte interfered. Verdu beat up Howard so badly in the post match stip that Howard had to be helped to the locker room and Howard was unable to ring announce for the rest of the night.
Referee Bob Bockwinkel
Mr Mexico II & Hector Lamas beat The Man with The Bionic Arm & Rock Riddle on a reverse decision dq when The Man With The Bionic Arm continued to hit Lamas after the bell.
Don Fonzo Fargo beat Mike Adams via pin

7/22/76 Bakersfield, CA @ Strelich Stadium
Americas Tag Team Champions Crusher Verdu & Fabulous Frank Monte vs Chavo Guerrero & Butcher Vachon
Piper leaves Calfornia or Mr. Mexico II unmasks
Roddy Piper vs Mr Mexico II
Don Fonzo Fargo vs Pork Chop Cash

8/12/76 Bakersfield, CA @ Strelich Stadium
Referee Leo Garibaldi
Masked Scorpions beat Pork Chop Cash & Choi Sun
Elimination Match
Butcher Vachon & Fabulous Frank Monte & One of the masked Scorpions (sub George De La Isla) beat The Hangman & Crusher Verdu & Roddy Piper when the Scorpion emerged as the sole survivor
Chavo Guerrero beat Don Fonzo Fargo COR
Crusher Verdu beat Butcher Vachon dq
Fabulous Frank Monte beat Roddy Piper
The Hangman beat George De La Isla

8/26/76 Bakersfield, CA @ Strelich Stadium
Referee Leo Garibaldi
Roddy Piper & The Hangman beat Masked Scorpions
Referee Johnny Red Shoes Dugan
Chavo Guerrero beat Crusher Verdu COR
Fabulous Frank Monte beat Wildman Jack Armstrong dq
Masked Scorpion I beat Roddy Piper
Butcher Vachon beat Ric Drasin

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