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 Posted: Tue Jul 13th, 2010 12:22 am
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I mentioned elsewhere that these results were the result of random searches on the Google News Archives.  If anyone has these listings (some results, others the lineups from articles promoting upcoming events)I'd be interested in knowing if they are new to certain cities/regions or if it's ground already covered.

The day-to-day dedicated researchers like Becky, Claw and Ron have their methods, and I don't claim to have that patience.  But I like to rummage around and would do a bit more if there are any gems unearthed here.  Have a look:


Nevada, MO
August 22, 1987
Sheldon High School

Central States Champion Rufus R. Jones vs Hustler Rip Rogers
The Kansas Outlaws vs Brad & Bart Batten
Rick McCord vs. Porkchop Cash
Vinnie Valentino vs. Earthquake Ferris
Chief Jay Strongbow Jr. vs Russell Sapp, Esq.

Muscle Shoals, AL
May 9, 1987
Sheffield Recreation Center

Mr. Wrestling II vs. Mike Golden
Scott Casey vs. The Superstar
The Nightmares vs Shogun 1 and 2
Loser Leaves Town: Exotic Adrian Street vs. Dutch Mantell
Continental Title: Buddy Landel vs. Wendell Cooley
Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden vs. Dirty White Boy & Jerry Stubbs

Nashua, NH
January 25, 1979
Nashua Coliseum

Larry Zbyszko vs Victor Rivera
Ivan Putski vs Spiros Arion
Fabulous Moolah & Suzette Ferriera vs Joyce Grable & Wenonah Little Heart
Dave Darrow vs Allen Coage
Pete Doherty vs Mike Hall
SD Jones vs Sylvano Sousa

Albany, NY
August 17, 1979
Washington Avenue Armory

Chief Jay Strongbow DDQ (draw) Greg Valentine  21:00
Pat Patterson beat Ted DiBiase 18:00
Steve Travis beat Fred Marzino 6:00
Jose Estrada beat Jaguar 6:00
Johnny Rodz drew Johnny Rivera
Dominic DeNucci beat Moose Monroe 5:00

Fort Scott, KS
April 19, 1988
Fort Scott Memorial Hall

10 man Bunkhouse Match for $2000
Central States title- DJ Peterson (C) vs Eddie Gilbert
WWA World title- Mike George (C) vs Bulldog Bob Brown
Central States TV title- Masa Chono (C) vs Steve Ray
Rufus R. Jones vs Ken Timbs
Cowboy Lang & Shirley Black vs Little Tokyo & Sandy Partlow
Vinnie Valentino vs Cowboy Rick Patterson

Lexington, NC
May 8, 1982
North Davidson High School

Roddy Piper & Angelo Mosca vs. Jack Brisco & Wahoo McDaniel
Johnny Weaver vs. Michael Hayes
Carl Fergie vs. Terry Taylor
Tim Horner vs. Tony Russo
Mike Rotondo vs. Ken Timbs

Bangor, ME
June 13, 1979
Bangor Auditorium

Greg Valentine beat Ivan Putski
Jimmy,Johnny & Jerry Valiant beat Haystscks Calhoun, Ted DiBiase & Dominic DeNucci 2/3 falls
Steve Travis beat Bulldog Brower via DQ
Great Hossein beat Johnny Rodz
Tito Santana drew SD Jones 20:00

Albany, NY
October 20, 1974
Washington Avenue Armory

Susan Green & Judy Grable beat Paula Kaye & Peegy Patterson in 2 straight falls. 1st- 23:00, 2nd-3:00
Dean Ho & Tony Garea beat Johnny & Jimmy Valiant by DQ 24:00
Jose Gonzales drew Joe Nova 20:00
Dennis Johnson beat Tom Marin 17:00
Bob Duncum beat SD Jones 8:00

Eugene, OR
March 19, 1976
Lane County Fairgrounds

Professor Dale Lewis & Johnny Eagle vs Lord Jonathan Boyd & Norman Charles III
Bill Francis vs. Tor Yamamota
Tony Borne vs. Manny Cruz
Keith Franks vs. Haru Sasaki

Modesto, CA
May 20, 1978
Uptown Arena

Mando Guerrero vs Texas Red (mask on the line)
Dean Ho & Pepper Gomez vs. Sir Earl Maynard & Rock Riddle
Takashi Onoumi vs. Abdul Zaatar

Modesto, CA
February 4, 1977
Uptown Arena

Andre the Giant & Pepper Gomez vs. Jimmy & Johnny Valiant & The Great Fuji
Alberto Madril vs. Mad Dog Vachon
Alexis Smirnoff vs Rock Riddle

Modesto, CA
December 17, 1976
Uptown Arena

The Great Fuji & Masa Saito vs. Ray Stevens & Alberto Madril
Pepper Gomez vs. Rock Riddle
George Wells vs. Fabulous Frank

Modesto, CA
August 8, 1975
Uptown Arena

3/5 falls: Rock Riddle, Angelo Mosca & Masked Invader vs. Pat Patterson, Pedro Morales & Moondog Mayne
Peter Maivia vs. Kinji Shibuya

Sarasota, FL
November 13, 1963
American Legion Arena

The Assassins won best of three falls over Steve Kovacs & Don Curtis
Bob Orton beat Eric Pomeroy 22:00
Ray Andrews drew Lord Nelson Royal 30:00

Sarasota, FL
September 25, 1963
American Legion Arena

Jake Smith & Luke Brown beat Killer Karl Kox & Lord Nelson Royal -two straight falls
Midgets:  Marcel Semard beat Chico Santana
Chief Crazy Horse beat Duke Keomuka- DQ

Miami Beach, FL
December 6, 1963
Miami Beach Auditorium

Lou Thesz beat Don Curtis 2/3 falls
Mark Lewin drew Bob Orton
Jack Allen beat Lord Nelson Royal
The Gladiators beat Killer Karl Kox & Fred (Frank?) Valois

Miami Beach, FL
July 16, 1963
Miami Beach Auditorium

Hiro Matsuda beat Ramon Torres
The Kentuckians beat Tinker Todd & Lord Nelson Royal
The Great Malenko beat Mike Paidousis
Alberto Torres drew Len Rossi

Sydney, Australia (Haymarket)
September 5, 1971
Capitol Theatre

The Brute vs Mario Milano
Lord Littlebrook & Little Bruiser vs Bobo Johnson & Wee Willie Wilson
Sandy Parker vs. Toni Rose

Spokane, WA
August 16, 1968
The Coliseum

John Tolos vs. Paul Diamond
Arman Hussein & Abdullah the Butcher vs Paddy Barrett & Don Leo Jonathan
Bruce Kirk vs. Tom Andrews
Erich Froelich vs Tony Garfano

Spokane, WA
November 8, 1968
Spokane Coliseum (Promoter Harry Elliott)

8-Man Battle Royal
Four singles bouts determined at bell time
featuring John Heideman, Johnny Kostas, John Tolos, Dean Higuchi, Bobby Shane, Big Tom Andrews and 2 others

Ellensburg, WA
October 4, 1968
Botta Pavillion-Arena

Bobby Shane vs. John Tolos (2/3 falls-winner to meet World Champ Gene Kiniski)
Big Tom Andrews vs. Eric Froelich
Johnny Heideman vs. Sandy Barr (special referee Roy McClarty)

Ellensburg, WA
October 19, 1968
Botta Pavillion-Arena
Att: "nearly 500"

Don Leo Jonathan & Johnny War Eagle beat Arman Hussein & John Tolos
Don Leo Jonathan beat John Tolos
Arman Hussein beat Johnny War Eagle

Spokane, WA
September 20, 1968
Spokane Coliseum

Johnny Kostas & Bobby Shane beat John Tolos & Tom Andrews
Don Leo Jonathan beat Abdullah the Butcher in a Texas Fight-to-the-Finish
Jack Bence drew Eric Froelich (sub Tony Garfono)
Arman Hussein beat Soldat Gorky (sub Bruce Kirk)

Spokane, WA
November 27, 1968
Spokane Coliseum

Bobby Shane vs. John Tolos
Soldat Gorky vs. Don Leo Jonathan
Jack Bence vs. Dutch Savage
Beauregarde vs Eric Froelich