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 Posted: Tue Aug 3rd, 2010 06:45 pm
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I am pretty sure I am older than anyone who has responded so far, so my class of roughly 400 has had its' share of suicides, death by natural causes, traffic, and being fairly rural, hunting accidents or drownings.....but the most noteworthy was some troubled kid who was prosecuted for some unsolved murder about 20 years after the fact based on dna evidence and a new forensics not available when the crime was committed.   He was always the most feasible suspect, but they DA declined to prosecute due to the implications of double jeopardy.

Some gal in my class went on to play cello with some bfd philharmonic. some guy is some bfd with the NRC and has some Ivy League degree in something like particulate physics, but both of them had no hesitation in getting out of town as soon as possible after high school.  Come to think of it, neither did I.

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