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 Posted: Wed Aug 4th, 2010 11:12 pm
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Still very good friends with 6 guys and 2 ladies.    We had a bigger group in high school but some moved far distances and 1 died young.  As for the class as a whole there were about 600 in the graduating class.  I know at least 8 who spent time in jail and at least 5 that died.    I don't think we had any pro atheletes in my year although Matt Blundin and Joey Valerio (both with the KC Chiefs) grew up very close to me.  They were 3 years behind me.

My wife graduated with Tina Fey in 88.   Fey was nice but a goth chick at that time.   A little strange.   I think Jamie Kennedy was in her class as well although she didn't know him.