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 Posted: Sat Sep 4th, 2010 02:21 am
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carpetbeggar wrote: Had no idea that Giant Machine was Andre The Giant. It wasn't until years later that I found out. I always had a sneaky suspicion it was Shohei Baba due to the strong resemblance that him and Giant Machine had in regards to their arm size. I guess Bobby Heenan was right after all.

As for the other two Machines, Super and Big, it bugged me that I couldn't place them right away. I knew they were real familiar(the tattoo and voice), but couldn't figure it out in time before Pro Wrestling Illustrated let the cat out of the bag in the next issue after they debuted that it was Mulligan and Eadie. Same deal with Ax of Demolition. It was on the tip of my tongue, but didn't figure it out in time before PWI gave him up.

Had no idea on all 3.  Thought Giant was Baba, maybe, but wasnt sure.