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Tuesday, December 27, 1960
Baltimore Coliseum-  Baltimore, MD
Promoter: Last name is Smyth

World Championship:  Pat O'Connor (C) vs. The Crusher
US Heavyweight title: Buddy Rogers (c) vs. Antonino Rocca
Babs Wingo & Marva Scott vs Ethel Johnson & Ramona Isbelle  2/3
Plus two other matches


Saturday, January 18, 1958
YMCA-  Lexington, NC   8pm

Marva Scott & Babs Wingo vs Ethel Johnson & Lula Mae Provo
Len Rossi vs. Great Bolo
Kurt Von Hess vs. Tinker Todd


Saturday, January 4, 1958
Memorial Auditorium- Spartanburg, SC

Mike & Doc Gallagher vs George Becker & Dick Steinborn 2/3 60:00
Marva Scott vs. Lula Mae Provo
Elephant Boy vs. Jack O'Riley

Thursday, July 16, 1959
Interstate Fairgrounds-  Spokane, WA
Attendance: 3009

World Heavyweight Championship:  Pat O'Connor (c) beat Lou Thesz 2-1
1-Thesz by reverse bodypress 9:23   2-O'Connor with dropkicks & pin 8:03
 3-O'Connor by DQ (Thesz refused to break on the ropes)
Special Referee: Jersey Joe Walcott

Sky Hi Lee beat Bobby Mors with a backbreaker 17:12
Judy Grable & Betty Clark beat Ethel Johnson & Marva Scott 17:05
Maurice & Paul Vachon beat Sandy & George Scott 23:00


Monday, June 8, 1957
Griffith Stadium- Washington DC

Antonino Rocca vs Ricki Starr  2/3 60:00
Marva Scott & Kathleen Wimberly vs. Babs Wingo & Lula Mae Provo  2/3 60:00
Wilbur Snyder & Chief Big Heart vs. Dr. Jerry Graham & Prof. Roy Shire
Tarzan Killer Kowalski vs. Czaya Nandor
Edouard Carpentier vs Karl Von Hess

Saturday, February 7, 1959
Memorial Arena- Spartanburg, SC  8pm

Grudge Match: George Becker vs John Smith  2/3  60:00
Babs Wingo & Marva Scott vs Betty White & Ethel Johnson   2/3  60:00
Jerry Christie vs. Ramon Fernandes  ("one fall, scientific match")


Monday, November 9, 1959
Charlotte Coliseum- Charlotte, NC  8:15pm
Promoter: Jim Crockett

Southern Tag Team title: Larry (Crusher) Hamilton & The Great Bolo (c) vs enrique Torres & George Becker-Texas Death match
Two Referees, ring surrounded by 300 feet of extra rope-no escape

Bob Boyer vs Karl Von Hess
George & Sandy Scott vs Duke Hoffman & Jimmy Samson
Marva Scott vs Ethel Johnson
Billy Cox vs. Nelson Royal

Saturday, March 31, 1956
YMCA- Lexington, NC

Babs Wingo & Ethel Johnson vs. Lula Mae Provo & Marva Scott
Jack Witzig vs. Bud (Bulldog) Curtis
Karl Von Hess vs George Becker


Friday, February 4, 1972
Uptown Arena- Modesto, CA  8:30pm

Roger Kirby vs Antonio Rocca (nephew of Argentina Rocca)  60:00 TL
Haru Sasaki, Paul DeMarco & Ripper Collins vs. Rocky Johnson, Peter MAivia & Pepper Gomez
plus one other bout


Friday, June 26, 1959
Florence Armory- Florence, AL  8:15pm
Promoter- Bill Golden

Herb Welch vs Black Dragon #2
Carlos Romero vs Buck Burnet (unmasked last Friday as Black Dragon #1)
Farmer Marlin vs. Pierre Degal


Tuesday, June 24, 1958
Sports Arena-  Toledo, OH

Boris Volkoff & Farmer Marlin beat Gypsy Joe & Ivan the Terrible  2-1
Jackie Nichols beat Hans Schmidt  2-1
Happy Humphrey (610 lbs) beat Abe Coleman with a bodypress


Tuesday, April 28, 1959
High School Gym- Tonganoxie, KS  8pm

Scheduled: Lee Henning, Farmer Marlin, Tiny Roe, Bull Brummell, Lord Littlebrook, Cowboy Bradley

Saturday, January 30, 1960
Reading Armory- Reading, PA

Gorgeous George vs Ted Lewin
Marvin Mercer & Gregory Jarque vs. George Allen & Miguel Torres
plus two other bouts


Friday, February 5, 1954
Reading Armory-  Reading, PA
Promoter Bert Bertolini

Gorgeous George Grant vs. The Nature Boy  2/3 falls
Mike Lane & Gregory Jarque vs. Baron Gattoni & Tony Marco  2/3 falls
Pedro Escobar vs Frank Dallo (6-foot-10, 300 lbs)


Saturday, September 11, 1954
Memorial Arena-  Spartanburg, SC
Attendance: 1518
Matchmaker Babe Sharkey

Bobby Becker & George Becker beat the Smith Brothers (aka Cough Drop Kids) 2-1
1- Al Smith b George Becker 17:00 with a sickle
2- Bobby Becker wins with an alpine clutch in 11:00
3-Beckers via countout

Al Cortez beat Gregory Jarque 2-1
1-Cortez wins 31:00 with a knee dip and press
2-Jarque wins in 0:51 with series of flying mares

3-Cortez wins after missed dropkick by Jarque