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 Posted: Thu Oct 14th, 2010 04:56 am
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Friday, August 24, 1973
Uptown Arena- Modesto, CA

Rocky Johnson & Peter Maivia beat the Masked Interns (w/Dr. Ken Ramey) 2-1
-Ramey & Interns attacked special ref Pepper Martin and lost by DQ in 3rd fall

Jim Gagne beat Pedro Godoy
Masa Saito beat Pepper Martin 2-1


Sunday, September 23, 1973
Uptown Arena- Modesto, CA

Masa Saito & Kinji Shibuya drew Peter Maivia & Rocky Johnson 1-1
1-Johnson beat Shibuya  2-Saito beat Johnson

Moondog Mayne beat Mablo Cordoza
(Mayne initially replaced for first 5 minutes by Masa Saito when Mayne failed to appear)

Jim Gagne beat Fritz Von Goering 2-1  (Gagne won 1st and 3rd falls)


Friday, December 7, 1973
Uptown Arena- Modesto, CA  8:45pm

Kurt & Karl Von Brauner (with Gerhardt Kaiser) vs. Peter Maivia & Don Muraco 2/3 60:00
Rocky Johnson vs. Mr. Saito 2/3  60:00
Moondog Mayne vs. Bob Griffin  1 fall 30:00

Saturday, February 21, 1976
Calhoun High School Gym- Port Lavaca, TX  8:30pm

Don Fargo vs. Rocky Johnson
Nick Kozak vs. Number 1
also featured: Jose Lothario, Bad Man Hanson

Monday, February 23, 1987
(Memorial Auditorium?)-Greenville, SC

Ragin' Bull beat Ricky Morton
Wahoo McDaniel & Baron Von Raschke drew Midnight Express 20:00
Robert Gibson beat Rick Rude
Bullet Bob & Brad Armstrong beat The Barbarian & Bill Dundee
Hector Guerrero beat Gary Royal
George South & Rocky King beat Randy & Bill Mulkey
Jimmy Valiant beat Brody Chase