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Saturday, April 13, 1985
North Davidson High School- Lexington, NC
Attendance: 300

Southern Tag Team title: Johnny Hunter and "Ti" the Giant Islander beat The Masked Infernos 24:00
Brass Knucks title: Rick Link beat George South to win vacant title
The Fabulous Blondes beat Johnny Savage & Joe Blevins
Golden Terror & Jim Tucker beat. Jim Gallagher & Bob Stabler
Chief Jay Eagle beat Sweet Daddy-O
Donna Christantello drew Peggy Patterson

Originally Billed from article prior to event:
The Fabulous Blondes vs Johnny Savage & Joe Blevins
Golden Terror & Jim Tucker vs. Jim Gallagher & Levi Banks
Peggy Patterson vs. Angel Vachon
Mixed Match: Angel Vachon & Chief Jay Eagle  vs. Peggy Patterson & George South
Sweet Daddy-O vs. Rick Link
battle royal
Johnny Hunter and Ti the Islander  vs The Masked Infernos


Sunday, August 4, 1985
Sumter County Exhibition Center- Sumter, SC

World Tag Team title: Rock N Roll Express vs. Ole & Arn Anderson
Johnny Weaver vs. Superstar Billy Graham
Tully Blanchard vs. Starship Eagle
Hard Rock Reeves vs. George South
Gene Ligon vs. Lee Ramsey


Saturday, August 10, 1985
Cow Palace- Lexington, NC   8:15pm

Eastern US title: Johnny Hunter (c) vs. The Redneck
Southern title: The Animal (c) vs Chief Jay Eagle
Mitch Stallion vs. Billy Harper
George South vs. Jose Luis Colon

Tuesday, November 17, 1953
Auditorium- Sioux City, IA
Promoter: George Parnassus

World Tag Team title: Mike & Ben Sharpe (c) vs. Bill Melby & Pat O'Connor
Hans Schmidt vs. Verne Gagne
special appearance by announcer Jack Brickhouse

Tuesday, October 1, 1957
Masonic Temple- Spokane, WA

Juan (Handsome Torrero) Humberto vs. Logger Jack MacDonald vs. Honest Johnny Valentine & Beautiful Bill Melby


Wednesday, July 15, 1953
Convention Hall- Saratoga, NY   8:45pm

Pat O'Connor vs. Lord Layton   2/3
Wild Bill Melby vs. Lord Blears
Jack Bence vs Al Costello


Thursday, July 16, 1953
Altamont Fairgrounds- Altamont, NY  8:45pm

Lord Blears & Lord Layton vs. Wild Bill Melby & Pat O'Connor
Al Costello vs. Jack Bence   45:00
Steve Gob vs. Baron Von Schultz  30:00


Thursday, March 6, 1952
The Armory- Bend, OR  8:30pm

Junior Heavyweight title:  Frenchy Roy (c) vs. Gino Nicolini
Ivan Gorky vs. Bill Melby
George Dusetto vs. Yorg Cretorian


Saturday, January 7, 1956
Uptown Arena- Modesto, CA

The Great Togo vs Bill Melby
plus a tag team event

Thursday, December 27, 1956
Cape Arena- Cape Girardeau, MO
Promoter: Leonard Thomas

Billy Darnell vs. The Zebra Kid  2/3  60:00
Carlos Moreno vs. Billy McDaniel   2/3  45:00
Colonel Stu Gibson vs. Mark Starr  1 fall  30:00


Friday, March 15, 1957
Cape Girardeau Arena- Cape Girardeau, MO   8:15pm

Bob (Mr America) McCune vs The Zebra Kid    2/3  60:00
Fritz Von Erich vs. Red Lyons   2/3  45:00
Ian Campbell vs Billy Darnell   1 fall  30:00
Amateur match: James (Red) Hickam vs Clem Piotrowski   1 fall 10:00


Thursday, December 5, 1957
Armory- Hopkinsville, KY   8:15pm
Promoter: Hot Gilliam

Herb Welch & Phil Melby vs Frank Hewitt & The Zebra Kid
Hewitt vs. Melby or Welch  and Zebra Kid vs. Melby or Welch (pairings announced at match time)

Wednesday, August 17, 1955
Sportatorium- Victoria, TX
Promoter: Ray Adcock

Larry Chene referee: Stu Gibson vs. Rito Romero   1 fall to a finish (two refs disputed winner)
George (Zebra Kid) Bollas vs Leo Garibaldi   2/3  45:00  (Bollas DQ'ed in 3rd fall)
The Mongol vs Marvin Jones  (fought to a draw)


Monday, August 29, 1960
Hedges Stadium- Bridgeport, CT

The Bastien Brothers vs. The Fabulous Kangaroos
Mark Lewin & Don Curtis vs. The Gabor Brothers
Haystacks Calhoun (601 lbs) vs. Johnny Kace & The Zebra Kid
Eddie Graham vs. Sweet Daddy Siki
Tito Carreon vs. Judo Jack Terry


Wednesday, August 26, 1959
City Arena- Bridgeport, CT

The Amazing Zuma vs. Al Smith
Ricki Starr vs. Tiger Jack Vansky
Haystacks Calhoun vs. Miguel Torres & Judo Jack Terry
Bearcat Wright vs. The Zebra Kid

Thursday, December 13, 1956
Cape Arena- Cape Girardeau, MO   8:15 pm
Promoter: Leonard Thomas

Billy McDaniels vs Wee Willie Davis  2/3, 60:00
Patty Neff & Merrie Allice Hillis vs. Gladys Reynolds & Elaine Ellis 2/3   45:00
Rocky Monroe vs. The Zebra Kid   1 fall, 30:00

Monday, August 15, 1960
Baltimore Coliseum- Baltimore, MD
Promoter: Harry Smyth

Sweet Daddy Siki & Bearcat Wright vs. Angelo Savoldi & Skull Murphy  2/3  60:00
Prince Maiava & Johnny Walker vs. Jack Vansky & The Zebra Kid  2/3
Marvin Mercer vs. Jack Owens
Tony Altimore vs. Tito Carreon
Buddy Rosen vs. Ted Lewin


Friday, January 20, 1956
The Arena- Cape Girardeau, MO

Ike Eakins vs. Ed Gardenia  2/3  60:00
"Colored Girls Battle Royal"  with Kathleen Wimbley, Betty White, Babs Wingo, Ethel Johnson, Louise Green- finalists meet in 1 fall, 30:00 match
Ray Villmer vs. Finas Hall   1 fall, 30:00
Amateur Matches:
Thomas Aherns vs. "Mighty Atom" Herman  1 fall, 10:00
Paperweight division: Charles Howard & Bobby Nelson vs. Gene Pridemore & Jack Smith  1 fall, 10:00


Saturday, August 11, 1962
YMCA- Lexington, NC

Ivan Kameroff & John Smith vs. Ike Eakins & Pancho Villa
Maurice LaPointe vs Irish Pat O'Brien
Reggie Parks vs. Gordon Nelson
Sonny Fargo vs. Johnny Roberts

Friday, September 30, 1955
The Arena- Cape Girardeau, MO 8:15pm

Vic Holbrook & Sammy Berg vs. Chris & John Tolos (with Count Rossi) 2/3 falls to a finish
Irish Jack Kelly vs. Antone (Ripper) Leone   2/3  45:00
Amateur Match:
Ronald Moss (78 lbs) vs Bobby Nelson (85 lbs)  1 fall, 6:00


Saturday, October 26, 1963
YMCA- Lexington, NC  8pm

Logger-Style Tag team Match: Argentina Rocca & George Becker vs. Bronko Lubich & Aldo Bogni
Big Ike Eakins vs. Ted Evans
Bobby Red Cloud vs. Frank Valois
Dr. Menendez vs. Angelo Savoldi


Saturday, July 2, 1966
Memorial Auditorium- Spartanburg, SC

Rip Hawk & Swede Hanson beat tex McKenzie & Nelson Royal
Abe Jacobs beat El Gaucho
Penny Banner beat Judy Grable
Ike Eakins beat Tony Nero


Saturday, September 8, 1962
YMCA- Lexington, NC

Abe Jacobs & Haystacks Calhoun vs. Ike Eakins & Pancho Villa
Babs Wingo & Marva Scott vs. Fuzzy Robinson & Pearl Bates
Louis Tillet vs. Angelo Martinelli


Saturday, August 4, 1962
YMCA- Lexington, NC  8pm

Pat O'Brien vs. Dick Steinborn
Haystacks Calhoun & Abe Jacobs vs. John Smith & Ivan Kameroff
Big Ike Eakins vs Maurice LaPointe
Billy Garrett vs. Two Ton Harris


Saturday, February 9, 1963
YMCA- Lexington, NC  8pm

Ike Eakins, Swede Hanson & Pancho Villa vs. Johnny Walker, Billy Two Rivers & George Becker
Yoshino Sato vs. Louis Bone
Tony (Crusher) Angelo vs. Felix Lamban


Saturday, April 3, 1960
Memorial Auditorium Arena- Spartanburg, SC 8pm

Pat & Fred Fraley (father-son) vs. Ike Eakins & Mike Paidousis  2/3  60:00
Billy Cox vs. Steve Bolus  2/3  45:00
Bobby Christie vs. Bobby DeMarc   1 fall, 30:00


Saturday,March 26, 1966
YMCA- Lexington, NC

Tex McKenzie & Nelson Royal vs. Skull Murphy & Brute Bernard
Princess Chi Chi vs. Jessica Rogers
Abe Jacobs vs. Ike Eakins
Steve Bolus vs. Rowdy Red Roberts

Saturday, July 11, 1959
Melbourne Stadium- Melbourne, Australia

Austalian championship:  Fred Atkins (c)  vs. Lee Henning
Steve Stanlee vs. Sandor Kovacs