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Wednesday, January 30, 1974
National Guard Armory- Warsaw, IN  8pm

Baron Von Raschke & Jimmy Valiant vs. Cowboy Bob Ellis & Wilbur Snyder
Bobby Heenan vs Pepper Gomez
Chief Bald Eagle vs. Mark Manson
Tom (Mr Indiana) Lynch vs Tony Romero


Sunday, September 10, 1978
Legion Stadium- Wilmington, NC  7:30pm

Texas Tornado Match: Baron Von Raschke vs. Rick Steamboat (no partners named, for the "world title")
Arm Wrestling: "champion" Ken Patera vs Tony Atlas
Also Appearing: Mr X #2, Ed Fury, Roberto Soto, Charlie Fulton. Mr. Wrestling, Crusher Blackwell, Sgt. Jacques Goulet, Ted Oates


Friday, December 18, 1970
Auditorium- St. Joseph, MO

North American Tag Team title: Roger Kirby & Rock Hunter (c) vs. Pat O'Connor & Bob Geigel  2/3
Texas Death match: The Stomper vs. Baron Von Raschke
The Viking vs. The Mummy
Sandy Partlow & Jean Antone vs. Kay Noble & Betty Niccoli


Thursday, February 26, 1959
Auditorium- Regina, Saskatchewan   8:30pm

World Title: Pat O'Connor (c) vs. Maurice Vachon
Chet Wallick & Chico Garcia vs. George & Sandy Scott
Dick Hutton vs. Mighty Ursus
Dick Hrstych vs. paul Vachon
Tiger Tasker vs. The Bat

Monday, March 3, 1947
Maple Leaf Gardens- Toronto, Ontario, Canada   8:30pm

Wild Bill Longson vs. Larry Moquin  60:00
Strangler Bob Wagner vs. Fred Blassie 2/3   45:00
Irish Tom Colllins vs. Jack Hader


Tuesday, March 10, 1947
Windsor Arena- Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Attendance: 1900

World Heavyweight title: Whipper Billy Watson (c) beat Strengler Bob Wagner 19:45
Wee Willie Davis beat Jack Hader 2-1
1st- Davis in 12:40
2nd- Hader 6:10
3rd- Davis 3:00

Ben Sharpe drew Louis Newman 30:00


Thursday, February 5, 1948
Coliseum- Salt Lake City, UT

World Heavyweight title: Wild Bill Longson (c) beat Danny Dusek  2-0
1st- Longson by piledriver 14:00
2nd- Longson by piledriver 00:30

Chief Little Wolf beat Chris Zaharias by Indian Deathlock 26:00
Ralph Garibaldi beat Babe Zaharias  2-1
1st Zaharias 15:00
2nd Garibaldi 8:00
3rd Garibaldi 9:00


Friday, April 16, 1948
Coliseum- St. Joseph, MO  8:30 pm
Matchmaker: Gust Karras
Referee: Sammy Feeback

Dan O'Connor vs. Ray Villmer
Sonny Myers vs. Jim Wright
Leo Newman vs. Johnny Marrs
Bobby Nelson vs. Don Barnard

Saturday, June 4, 1977
Memorial Auditorium-Spartanburg, SC

NWA World heavyweight title: Harley Race (c) beat Dino Bravo
Rick McGraw & Ted Oates beat Brute Bernard & Sgt. Jacques Goulet
Larry Sharpe beat Francisco Flores
Mr. X beat Phil Mercado
Tiger Conway Jr. vs. Greg Valentine- no decision; building evacuated after a bomb scare

Friday, July 8, 1977
County Hall- Charleston, SC   8:15pm

US title: Blackjack Mulligan (C)  DDQ Bobo Brazil for throwing referee out of the ring
Dino Bravo beat Crusher Blackwell
Mr. Sato & Johnny Weaver beat Scott Irwin & Sgt. Jacques Goulet
Steve Kovacs beat Larry Sharpe
Rick McGraw beat Tony Russo


Thursday, November 4, 1976
Exhibition Auditorium- Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada  8:30pm

4-man Texas Battle Royal: Super Assassin vs. Don Smith vs. Keith Hart vs. Danny Babich
(winner to challenge champion Larry Lane for North American & International titles)

The Morrow Brothers vs. The Cuban Assassins
Mike Sharpe Jr. vs. Larry Sharpe
Reg Parks vs. John Foley
Gama Singh vs. Opponent to be named later

Wednesday, September 22, 1976
Exhibition Auditorium-Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada  8:30pm

International Tag team title: Eddie & Gerry Morrow (c) vs. Danny Babich & Kurt Von Hess
Mike Sharpe Jr. vs. Larry Sharpe


Tuesday, March 28, 1978
Lionel Roberts Stadium- Charlotte Amelie, US Virgin Islands

North American Tag team title: Carlos Colon & Jose Rivera beat Pretty Boy Larry Sharpe & Dynamite Jack Evans (c) by DQ
Caribbean title: Pierre Martel (c) beat Chief Thundercloud by DQ f
The Invader beat the Alaskan
Butch Fantom beat El Vikingo
Huracan Castillo beat Andres Hernanandez

Tuesday, February 28, 1978
Lionel Roberts Stadium- Charlotte Amelie, US Virgin Islands

Carlitos Colon beat Pierre Martel by KO
Non-title: Dynamite Jack Evans & Pretty Boy Larry Sharpe (North American tag team champs) beat World tag team champions Jose Rivera & The Invader.

Jose Miguel Perez beat Hurricane Castillo 12:00
Marvilla drew Angelo Poffo 15:00
El Vikingo beat Isaac Rosario