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Saturday, October 11, 1980
Civic Auditorium- Stockton, CA  8:30pm

Don Muraco vs. Scott Casey
Pampero Firpo vs. Steve Strong
The Spoiler vs. John Burch
James Dillon vs. Don Johnson

Saturday, March 13, 1981
Junction City Audiorium- Junction City, KS  7:30pm

Tag Team titles: Pat & Mike Kelly (C )vs. Bulldog
Bob Brown & Rufus R. Jones 1 fall, 60:00
TV title: Terry Taylor (c ) vs. Buzz Tyler
Cyclops vs. Bruce Reed
Jerry Brown vs. James J. Dillon
Art Crews vs. Mike Blood

Saturday, September 19, 1981
Junction City Auditorium- Junction City, KS  8pm

“billed” NWA World Heavyweight Title: Dusty
Rhodes (c )vs. Bulldog Bob Brown  (BEFORE RIC FLAIR WON BELT)  1 fall 60:00

Ten-Gu (with Sir Oliver Humperdink) vs. Ron Sexton
Rufus R. Jones & Bob Sweetan vs. Gene Lewis & The
Monk (with Sir Oliver Humperdink)
James J. Dillon vs. Billy Howard
Terry Gibbs vs. Bobby Jaggers

Friday, December 30, 1966
City Auditorium- St. Joseph, MO
Attendance: 1267

Central States title: Sonny Myers (c ) beat Bob Geigel 2-1
1- Geigel in 4:56  2-Myers 3:16  3-Myers in 7:40
Iron Mike beat Lee Henning 2-1
1-Henning in 7:07  2-Mike in 3:17  3-Mike in 3:00

The Ox (Sub for Cowboy Bob Ellis) beat The Viking by DQ in 9:17
Ronnie Reed drew Pat O’Connor 20:00
Bob Orton beat Tor Kamata 11:39
Boxing: Bob Geigel KO’ed The Ox at 1:47 of Round 4

Thursday, October 6, 1977
Oxnard Community Center-Oxnard, CA

Texas Red & Mil Mascaras beat Black Gordman & The Great Goliath
Rebel Bill Ash beat Armando Guerrero
Chavo Guerrero beat Alex Perez
Eddie Mansfield “didn’t handle Special Delivery
Jones with care” (what does that mean...Eddie won or lost?!?)

Friday, March 25, 1977
Owosso National Guard Armory-Owosso, MI  8pm

US Title: Gino Hernandez (c) vs. King Ripper Collins
Bobo Brazil vs. Bulldog Don Kent
Luke Graham vs. Dominic DeNucci
plus one other match

Thursday, June 9, 1977
Exhibition Auditorium- Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada  8:30pm

Tor Kamata vs. Killer Brooks  (“Brooks has no chancee says Kamata”)
Keith Hart & Larry Lane vs. The Royal Kangaroos
Bill Cody vs. Mr. Hito
plus one other bout

Thursday, May 18, 1972
Exhibition Auditorium- Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

North American Title: Tor Kamata ( C) beat Dave Ruhl
Geoff Portz & Sonny Rogers beat Francois Marquis & Beautiful Brutus
Big Ed Sullivan beat Buck Jones
Francois Marquis drew Sonny Rogers

Wednesday, November 25, 1970
The Tower- Quebec, Canada
Promoter: Allen Mitchell

Jean Rougeau vs. Tor Kamata
Jos LeDuc vs. Danny Lynch
Jacques Rougeau vs. Fidel Castillo
Gino Brito vs. Michel DuBois
Gerry Gosselin vs. Prince Tiki
Paul LeDuc vs. Pat Lawrence

Sunday, March 15, 1970
Dubuque County Fairgrounds-Dubuque, IA  2pm

US Title: Nature Boy Roger Kirby ( C)  vs Danny Little Bear
Killer Cox and KO Cox vs. Tommy Martin & Pat O’Connor
Tor Kamata vs. Bob Geigel
Killer Cox vs. Pat O’Connor