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Saturday, June 19, 1954
The Stadium- Melbourne, Australia

George Gordienko beat Ted Christy in the 6th round
-Each wrestler had gained a fall; Christy "withdrew" after hitting his head on an iron support and fell into the aisle; after three minute referee Bonny Muir decalred Gordienko the victor

Amateur matches:

Inray Nemeth beat Bob Daldeen 2-0
Bruce Arthur beat Ron Hunt 1-0


Thursday, May 8, 1975
Exhibition Auditorium-Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada  8:30pm

Keith Hart vs. Jack Pesek
Cowboy Lang & Thre Haiti Kid vs. Little John & Billy the Kid
Mr. Hito & John Quinn vs. Larry Lane & Buffalo Bill Cody
Gil Hayes vs. Frankie Lane
Nprth American title: Dan Kroffat vs. King Curtis


Wednesday, May 17, 1971
Exhibition Auditorium-Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Bob Lueck beat Bob Sweetan
Emil Dupre beat Bob Pirie (sub for Buddy Austin)
--original main event was a Lumberjack Match Emil Dupre vs Buddy Austin but Austin separated his shoulder in a matchup between them Monday night

Ed Sullivan & Paul Pellerin beat Dave Ruhl & Nick Pacchiano
Abdullah the Butcher beat Gil Hayes
Tiger Joe Tomasso drew Dan Babich


Saturday, January 2, 1971
Memorial Auditorium- Spartanburg, SC   8:15pm

Texas Royal (all 6 in ring at once): george Becker, Johnny Weaver & Bobby Kay vs. Bronko Lubich, Chris Markoff & George Harris

Bobo Johnson vs. Little Bruiser
Pedro Godoy & El Gaucho vs. Al Torres & Tommy Seigler
Alex Medina vs. Doctor X

Monday, March 9, 1953
Exhibition Auditorium- Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

George Gordienko vs. Bob Russell
Pistol Pete Managoff vs. Stu Hart
Bob Leipler vs. Leo Numa

Saturday, March 18, 1961
Fairgrounds Cow Palace- Eugene, OR

Wild Bill Savage vs. Iron Mike DiBiase
Billy White Wolf vs. Tito Kopa
Lorenzo Parente vs. Johnny Walker
Referee: Harry Elliott

Thursday, May 12, 1955
Exhibition Auditorium- Regina, Saskatachewan, Canada  8:45pm

Sky Hi Lee & Don Lee vs. Von Eric & Sjoberg
Gordienko vs. Roy Heffernan
Dr. Timothy Geohagen vs. Meehan

Saturday, March 28, 1987
McDaniel Junior High Gym- Denison, TX  8pm

World Class title: Kevin Von erich (c) vs. Black Bart
Mike Von Erich vs. Brian Adias
Catman Bob Bradley & Killer Brooks vs. The Fantastics (Bobby Fulton & Tommy Rogers)
Black Superman Tony Atlas vs. Jack Victory
Captain's Match: Between One Member of each team


Friday, July 1, 1983
Hume Fair Arena- Hume, MO  8pm

for Central States title shot: Dewey Robertson vs. Bulldog Bob Brown  1 fall 60:00
Buzz Tyler vs. Hercules Hernandez   1 fall 45:00
Tonga John & Korchenko vs. Mark Romero & George Wells  1 fall 30:00
Jerry Ho vs. Jerry Brown   1 fall 20:00
Nature Boy Roger Kirby vs. Grizzly Evans 1 fall 15:00


Saturday, March 24, 1956
Auditorium- Rgeina, Saskatchewan, Canada  8:30pm

Ray Villmer vs. Roberto Pico
Sky Hi Lee & Leo Newman vs. Bearcat Wright & Luther Lindsey
George Gordienko vs. George Scott
Jim Wright vs. Tommy Phelps


Friday, January 1, 1965
Auditorium- St. Joseph, MO
Matchmaker: Gust Karras

Central States title: Iron Mike (c) vs. Ronnie Reed
Sonny Myers & Danny Little Beaver vs. Tom Clark & The Outlaw
Larry Hamilton vs. Tom Brown
Bob Geigel vs. Moose Evans

Thursday, April 14, 1977
Exhibition Auditorium- Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada  8:30pm

North American title: Killer Brooks (c) vs. Big John Quinn
Leo Burke & Larry Lane vs. The Royal Kangaroos
UFO vs. Gil Hayes
Keith Hart vs. Joe Ventura
The Samoans vs. John Foley & Mr. Hito

Saturday, January 21, 1961
Memorial Auditorium-Spartanburg, SC

Ray Villmer & Jack Curtis beat Mike Paidousis & P.Y. Chung  2-1
1-Villmer p Paidousis 9:30
2-Paidousis/Chung in 4:30

George Becker beat Louis Tillet 2-1 (won 1st and 3rd fall)
Mark Stone beat Charlie Laye 19:45

Saturday, March 22, 1969
YMCA- Lexington, NC

George Scott and Sandy Scott beat Gene Anderson and Ole Anderson by reverse decision 
1-Andersons in 10:00
2- Scotts in 5:00
3-1:00 of action before reversal

Ronnie & Terry Garvin beat Bob Griffith & Randy Curtis  2-1
1-Garvins 10:00
2-Curtis/Griffith in 10:00
3- Garvins in 8:00

Bobby Paul beat Tony Nero 11:00
El Gaucho beat Dave Cox in 12:00

Friday, January 27, 1984
Lane County Fairgrounds- Eugene, OR

Curt Hennig beat Rip Oliver 2-1
Irish Pat McGhee beat Pretty Boy Sommers
Tom Prichard drew The Assassin
Matt Borne beat Jerry O
Steve Pardee beat Mike Miller

Thursday, July 19, 1973
The Auditorium- Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Attendance: 627

The Stomper beat Klondike Bill
International tag team title: Dan Kroffat & Bill Cody (C) beat Gil Hayes & Benny Ramirez by DQ
Les Thornton beat Chati Yokouchi
Afa Anoai beat Yasu Fuji
Bob Pringle & Sika Anoai beat Mal Kirk & The Viking

Thursday, January 11, 1962
Jaycees Center- Middlesboro, KY
Promoter: Don Pruitt

Mike Paidousis, Len Rossi & Doug Lindsey vs. The Golden Secret, Herb Larson & Charley Keane  2/3  60:00

plus three singles matches with each individual members competing

Thursday, January 8, 1953
County Hall- Charleston, SC
Promoters: Henry Marcus & Charlie Forbes
Attendance: est 1200


The Smith Brothers (Al and John) beat Jack Weaver & Johnny Witzig 2-1
1-Smiths in 15:00  2-Weaver b John Smith 6:00  3-Smiths in 5:00

Col. George Harbin beat Tinker Todd
Charlie Laye beat Johnny Heideman

Thursday, June 6, 1985
Howe High School Stadium- Howe TX  8pm

Kerry Von Erich vs. One Man Gang (w/Gary Hart)
Gino Hernandez vs. The Great Kabuki (w/Sunshine)
Dennis Condrey vs Bobby Fulton
Brian Adias vs. Thor

Thursday, June 11, 1953
Wilmington Park- Wilmington, NC 
Promoter: Bert Bertolini

Sonny Myers vs. Sky Hi Lee  1 fall to a finish
plus an Australian tag match 2/3 falls
and a one fall 30:00 opening bout

Friday, June 19, 1964
Auditorium- ST. Joseph, MO

11-man tournament to determine the Central States Champion
9 matches in all, all one fall or referee's decision
Entered: Larry Hamilton, Moose Evans, Pat O'Connor, Bulldog Plechas, The Lawman, Tom Poulos, The Stomper, Harley Race, Steve Bolus, Baron Von Strauss, Bob Geigel

10 Rounds of Boxing: The Stomper vs. Sonny Myers


Thursday, July 6, 1978
Exhibition Auditorium- Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada  8:30

Winner receives NWA title shot vs Harley Race on July 13:
Leo Burke vs. Mr. Sakurada

Moose Morowski vs. Magnificent Zulu

British Rules (Ten 3-minute rounds; 2 falls, submissions or KO's wins):
Norman Charles vs. Dynamite Kid (the winner faces Nelson Royal)

Little Tokyo vs. Little John
plus other bouts


Friday, December 25, 1970
Uptown Arena- Modesto, CA  8:45pm

US title:  Ray Stevens (C) vs. Kinji Shibuya  2/3  60:00
California State Heavyweight title: Pampero Firpo vs. Cyclon Negro (C) 1 fall 60:00
Antonio Parisi vs. Terry Garvin   1 fall 30:00
Earl (Mr Universe) Maynard vs. Billy Joe White  1 fall   20:00