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 Posted: Wed Nov 3rd, 2010 10:19 pm
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clawmaster wrote: Hammer to Fall wrote: In case no one's noticed, there has been another major update to Google News Archives. It looks like there's a bunch more coming, too, as when you browse the papers, there are major gaps.

The Albany Herald (GA) had weekly matches off and on through the decades. It's a paper I haven't researched past the early 1940s as they didn't cover what I research (segregated high school sports; the paper's owner was an ardent segregationist).

If anyone wants a specific paper to research, that should be a good one. They did cover wrestling decently. Using Cornette's book as a guide, I have found mid-1980s ads.

I'll try finding some Bockwinkel listings there when I have time.

I just took a quick look. GNA has The Albany Herald starting in 1973. Very few papers for 1974. Wrestling was held on Thursday night in Albany. Results are in the Friday edition of the Papers. The name of the venue is Allison's Skating Rink.

Here are a few cards I found.

10/25/73 Albany, GA @ Allison's Skating Rink
Georgia Tag Team Champions Bobby Duncum & Stan Vachon dcor Tim Woods & Mr Wrestling II
Southeastern Champion Bob Armstrong beat Super Inferno II
Bobby Shane drew Roberto Soto
Bob Orton Jr beat Jim Dillon
Bobby Cash beat Jim Dalton

12/13/73 Albany, GA @ Allison's Skating Rink
Super Infernos beat Georgia Tag Team Champions Bob Armstrong & Robert Fuller dq
Bobby Shane beat Tim Woods to win Albany City Championship
Mr Wrestling II beat Luke Graham
Sardo beat Bobby Cash
Bob Orton Jr beat The Invader

12/20/73 Albany, GA @ Allison's Skating Rink
Georgia Tag Team Champions Bob Armstrong & Robert Fuller beat Super Infernos and unmasked them
Mr Wrestling II beat Bobby Shane
The Samoans beat Roberto Soto & Bobby Cash
Black Angus beat Rick Ferrara

1/24/74 Albany, GA @ Allison's Skating Rink
Robert Fuller beat Georgia Champion Mr. Wrestling II dq
Handicap Match
Rufus R Jones & Roberto Soto beat The Samoans & Gary Hart
Bobby Duncum & Jerry Lawler beat Tim Woods & Bobby Cash
Ricky Gibson beat Bill Costello

3/28/74 Albany, GA @ Allison's Skating Rink
Southeastern Tag Team Champions Ronnie Garvin & Terry Garvin beat Bob Armstrong & Ricky Gibson
Robert Fuller beat Jerry Lawler
Jerry Brisco beat Jim Garvin dq
Art Nelson beat Tiger Conway Jr
Earl Maynard beat Mighty Yankee

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