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Friday, July 17, 1981
Lane County Fairgrounds- Eugene, OR  8pm

Oregon Death match: Steve Regal (Northwest Heavyweight Champion) vs. Buddy Rose
Winner Take All: Velvet McIntyre & Rip Oliver vs. Princess Victoria & Hack Sawyer
plus two preliminary events


Thursday, August 16, 1990
The Coliseum- Spokane, WA  7:30pm

Hulk Hogan (with Tugboat Thomas) vs. Dino Bravo (with Earthquake)
Jake Roberts vs. Bad News Brown
Tito Santana vs. The Warlord
Jim Powers vs. Paul Roma
Jim Brunzell vs. Black Bart
Bushwhackers vs. Rhythym & Blues


Tuesday, October 28, 1980
Spencer Fieldhouse- Spencer, IA
(cultivated from a pictorial piece in Spencer Daily Reporter 11-1-80)

Dino Bravo beat Jerry Blackwell
Buck Zumhofe & Tito Santana won a tag team match
Evan Johnson vs. Steve Regal
Also on the card: Andre the Giant, Nick Bockwinkel, Bobby Heenan

Friday, OCtober 18, 1968
Auditorium- St. Joseph, MO 
Matchmaker: Gust Karras

Elimination Tag Team match: Tornado Murdock, Dusty Rhodes & Bob Brown vs. Woody Farmer, Billy Red Cloud and Partner TBA

Central States title: Tommy Martin (C) vs. Gil Hayes
Mae Young vs. Kay Noble
Dusty Rhodes vs. Woody Farmer
Billy Red Cloud vs. Bob Brown
Tornado Murdock vs. TBA

Thursday, August 30, 1973
National Guard Armory- Florence, AL   8:30pm

The McGuire Twins (1350 lbs combined) beat The Garvin Brothers 2-0
1-McGuires squashed Terry Garvin  2-McGuires win by DQ

Randy Curtis beat The Purple Terror 2-1 (won 1st and 3rd falls)


Friday, February 17, 1984
Lane County Fairgrounds- Eugene, OR

Matt Borne beat Rip Oliver
Buddy Rose beat Big Mike Miller
Curt Hennig beat Pretty Boy Sommers
Jules Strongbow beat The Assassin by DQ
Tom Prichard drew Steve Pardee

Thursday, July 1, 1976
Exhibition Auditorium- Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada  8:30pm

International Tag team title: Higo Hamaguchi & Mr. Hito (c) vs. Eddie Morrow & Keith Hart
Tony Marino & Irish Paddy Ryan vs. Karl Schotz & Assassin No. 1
Billy Ventura vs. Lumberjack Luke
Gil Hayes vs. Assassin No. 2


Wednesday, March 11, 1970
Auditorium- Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada   8:30pm

International Tag team title: Wild Bill Dromo & Gil Hayes (c) vs. Jerry & Bobby Christy
Dave Ruhl vs. Crazy Legs Hirsch
Abdullah the Butcher vs. Dan Kroffat
Angelo Mosca vs. Bob Lueck
Gordon Ivey vs. Wayne Coleman

Wednesday, May 16, 1973
Miami Beach Auditorium- Miami Beach, FL  8:30pm

NWA World Heavyweight title: Dory Funk Jr. (C) vs. Tim WOods
Southern Title vs. Florida Title: Ron Fuller vs. Buddy Colt
Florida State Tag team title: Mike Graham & Kevin Sullivan vs. The Samoans (with Dandy Jack)
Hiro Matsuda, Paul Jones & Roberto Soto vs. Dick Murdoch, Terry Funk & Chris Markoff
Dale Lewis vs. Tony Charles
Steve Keirn vs. Gorgeous George Jr.
plus 2 other matches


Saturday, September 10, 1960
City Arena- Bridgeport, CT
Promoter: Joe Smith

Eddie Graham & Karl Von Hess NC Don Curtis & Mark Lewin
Tito Carreon beat Jack Vansky 2-0
Red & Lou Bastien beat Angelo Savoldi & The Zebra Kid 2-0

Saturday, September 17, 1960
City Arena- Bridgeport, CT
Promoter: Joe Smith

Bearcat Wright & Sweet Daddy Siki vs. Skull Murphy & Karl Von Hess
Red & Lou Bastien vs. Tony Altomare & Chet Wallick
Don Curtis & Mark Lewin vs. Angelo Savoldi & The Zebra Kid

Sunday, March 13, 1977
Municipal Auditorium- Junction City, KS  7pm

Bulldog Bob Brown vs. Ted Oates   90:00 time limit
Texas Death Match: Akio Sato vs. Bobby Jaggers  (no time limit, No DQ)
Jean Antone vs. Kay Noble
Buck Robley vs. Big Red Reese

Thursday, July 19, 1973
Exhibition Auditorium- Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Attendance: 627

North American Title: The Stomper (c) beat Klondike Bill
International Tag Team title: Bill Cody & Dan Kroffat (c) beat Gil Hayes & Benny Ramirez by DQ
Les Thornton beat Chati Yokouchi
Afa Anoai beat Yasu Fuji
Bob Pringle & Sika Anoai beat Mal Kirk & The Viking


Saturday, January 19, 1985
Stafford High School- Fredericksburg, VA  8:15pm
Mid-Atlantic Wrestling

$10,000 TV Title match: Dick Slater vs. Tully Blanchard
Assassin #1 vs. The Barbarian (with Paul Jones)
Superstar Billy Graham (with Paul Jones) vs. Mike Davis
Johnny Weaver vs. Jeff Sword
Joel Deaton vs. Sam Houston


Saturday, March 22, 1975
Memorial Hall- Atchison, KS  8:30pm

Andre the Giant (7'4" 424 lbs) vs Chuck O' COnnor (6'8" 280 lbs)
World Tag team title: Mike George & Jerry Oates (c) vs Oki Skikina & Yasu Fuji
Ted Oates vs. Lord Alfred Hayes
Abdul Zaatar vs. Omar Atlas
Jerry Oates vs. Yasu Fuji