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Friday, June 5, 1964
Auditorium- St. Joseph, MO  8:30pm

US Heavyweight title: The Stomper (c) vs. Sonny Myers  2/3 60:00

Moose Evans vs. Bob Geigel   2/3 45:00
The Lawman & Larry Hamilton vs. Tokyo Tom & Bulldog Danny Plechas   1 fall 30:00
Harley Race vs. Tom Poulos   1 fall 15:00


Thursday, May 3, 1956
Exhibition Stadium-Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada  8:45pm

The Smith Brothers (Al and John) vs. Scott Brothers (George & Sandy)
Jim Wright & MIke McGee vs. George Gordienko & Luther Lindsey
Lou Newman vs. Ray Villmer


Saturday, June 3, 1961
YMCA-Lexington, NC  8pm

Texas Death Match: George Becker vs. P.Y. Chung
Charlie Laye & Johnny Heideman vs. Chris Averoff & Jack Brevard
Abe Jacobs vs. Bill Cole
Tom Bradley vs. Ken Cooper


Wednesday, September 21, 1955
Fort Brandon Armory- Tuscaloosa, AL   8:15pm

Southern Heavyweight title: Frank Jares (C) vs. Charlie Laye 
Don (Boom Boom) Lee vs. Nick Carter    2/3 no time limit


Thursday, July 9, 1959
Fairground Arena- Spokane, WA
Attendance: 1500

Lou Thesz beat Sky Hi Lee 2-0
1-Thesz by DQ 12:57
2-Thesz by pin 1:00

Betty Clark drew Ethel Johnson 20:00
Tom Thumb drew The Brown Panther 20:00
Steve Bolus beat Dave Ruhl 17:47


Wednesday, January 18, 1984
Packard Music Hall- Warren, OH

WWF Heavyweight title: Iron Sheik (c) DDQ Bob Backlund (listed as draw upon disqualification)
Jimmy Snuka beat Iron Mike Sharpe
Paul Orndorff beat Tony Garea
Masked Superstar beat Chief Jay Strongbow
Eddie Gilbert drew Salvatore Bellomo


Thursday, December 7, 1978
Exhibition Auditorium- Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada  8:30pm

Don Gagne & Big Daddy Ritter vs. Danny Babich & Alo Leilani
Dynamite Kid & Norman Charles
Kasavubu vs. Mr. Sakurada
Bret HArt & Denny ALberts vs. Mr. Hito & Moose Morowski


Thursday, March 31, 1977
Exhibition Auditorium- Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada  8:30pm

North American title: Killer Tim Brooks (c) vs. Leo Burke
Gil Hayes & Keith Hart vs. The Royal Kangaroos (Norman Frederick Charles III & Lord Jonathon Boyd)
Mr. Hito vs. Joe Ventura
Larry Lane vs. Don Gagne
Tami Samoa vs. John Foley


Saturday, March 23, 1968
YMCA Gym- Lexington, NC  8:15pm

Luther Lindsey & Abe Jacobs vs. Gene & Lars Anderson
Terry & Ronnie Garvin vs. Paul DeMarco & Amazing Zuma
Bob Nandor vs. The Matador
Pancho Valdez vs. Alex Medina

Saturday, March 16, 1968
YMCA Gym- Lexington, NC  8:15pm

Abe Jacobs & Luther Lindsey beat Gene & Lars Anderson  2-1
1-Andersons in 10:00  2-Jacobs w/Kiwi Roll 5:00   3-Jacobs/Lindsey in 10:00

Bobby Red Cloud & Chief Little Eagle beat Bulldog Lee Henning & Nikita Mulkovich  2-1
1-Henning by pin 14:00   2-Little Eagle w/Bow and Arrow 5:00   3-Red Cloud w/Indian Deathlock 2:00

Peppy Gomez drew Johnny Heideman
Pancho Valdez beat Jack Rico


Saturday, January 25, 1969
YMCA- Lexington, NC

George and Sandy Scott beat Missouri Mauler & Hiro Matsuda 2-1
1- George via sleeper  3:00   2-Mauler by pin 5:00  3-Mauler got pinned in 5:00

Gene & Ole Anderson beat Ronnie & Terry Garvin 2-1 (won 2nd and 3rd falls)
Steve Bolus beat Tony Nero
Bobby Paul drew Bulldog Lee Henning


Saturday, February 1, 1969
YMCA- Lexington, NC

Sailor Art Thomas & Abe Jacobs vs. Rip Hawk & Swede Hanson
Jimmy And Billy Hines vs. Ole and Gene Anderson
Bobby Paul vs. Rock Hunter
El Gaucho vs. Dave Cox
Tinker Todd vs. Jesse James

Tuesday, June 27, 1972
National Guard Armory-Rock Hill, SC  8:15pm

The Hornet, Ripper Ox & Texas Menace vs. Lt. Snow, Lt. Mack George & Joe Wilson  2/3 60:00
Rock Riddle vs. Curtis Lockey  2/13  60:00
Smokey Joe (The Bear) vs. Flash Gordon  2/3 60:00


Tuesday, March 10, 1987
Blue High School- Blue, OK  7:30pm

Lance Von Erich  vs. Al Madril
Adbullah the Butcher vs. Red River Jack
Tony Atlas vs. Bob Bradley
Nord vs. Jack Victory
Bobby Fulton & Tommy Rogers vs. Matt Borne & Grappler I

Wednesday, January 5, 1983
Sumter County Exhibition Center-Sumter, SC  8:15pm

Abdullah the Butcher, Jimmy Valiant & Sweet Brown Sugar vs. John Gray (6'9" 450lbs), Paul Jones & Bruiser Brody

Mid-Atlantic title: Jack Brisco (C) vs. Jim Nelson
Larry Lane vs. Mike Davis
Jim Dalton vs. King Parsons
Bill White vs. Vinnie Valentino

Funny bit of bad penmanship resulting in foibles in advertising (Handy Cop Match candidate): This link below takes you to the match breakdown, but you can scroll back one page to see the ad.  A "6-man tag" was transcribed by someone as a "LoMan Tag Team Match",490482&hl=en


Also, wondering if the John Gray billing was also a screw up, as One Man Gang was a name that started in MACW, right? 


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