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Saturday, November 30, 1968
YMCA- Lexington, NC

Hiro Matsuda & Missouri Mauler vs. George & Sandy Scott
Ronnie & Terry Garvin vs. Paul Jones & Nelson Royal
Cowboy Lang vs. The MIghty Atom
Angelo Martinelli vs. El Gaucho

Friday, October 4, 1968
Auditorium- St. Joseph, MO

Central States title: Bob Brown (c) vs. Tommy Martin  90:00
Chris Tolos vs. Billy Red Cloud
Dusty Rhodes vs. Gil Hayes
Earl Maynard vs. Ronnie Etchison
Ruben Lopez vs. Dick Murdoch

Thursday, November 11, 1971
Auditorium- Regina, Seskatchewan, Canada
Attendance: 1090

North American title: Black Angus Campbell (c) beat Carlos Belafonte (sub for injured Big John Quinn)

Kurt Von Hess vs. Michel Martel was cancelled in progress when a fan threw and object in the ring and hit the referee

Sugi Sito & Chin Lee drew Tiger Joe Tomasso & Earl Black
Gil Hayes beat Big Ed Sullivan
Dave Ruhl beat Danny Babich


Friday, October 6, 1961
National Guard Armory- Owosso, MI  9pm
Promoter: Leo Campione

6-Man Russian Roulette Free for All: Lou Klein, Le Bestia, Jumping Joe Smith, Crybaby MacArthur, Crusher Cortez & Gino Brito
(order of elimination determines matchups for three remaining bouts)

Friday, September 29, 1961
National Guard Armory- Owosso, MI
Promoter: Leo Campione

Gentleman Jim Hady DDQ Mr. X
Luis Martinez drew Gino Brito
Dick Garza & Crusher Cortez beat Lou Klein & Wee Davey Duncan  2-1 (won 3rd fall by DQ)

Friday, April 29, 1966
Auditorium- St. Joseph, MO
Matchmaker: Gust Karras

Central States title: Ron Reed (C) vs. Bob Geigel   2/3 falls
2 vs 3: Lee Henning & The Stomper vs. The Viking, The Butcher & Dandy  Jack
Bob Brown vs. Jerry Kozak
Sonny Myers vs. Tor Kamata
Oki Shikina vs. Bob Hart

Monday, January 22, 1973
City Auditorium- Waycross, GA  8:30pm

Sputnik Monroe & Norvel Austin vs. Mr. Wrestling & Bill Dromo
The Grappler vs. Mr. Wrestling No. 2
Tank Morgan & Jack Evans vs Pat O'Brien & Bob Orton Jr.
Toni Rose vs. Susan Green
Billy Hines vs. Pedro Colombo

Thursday, June 28, 1973
National Guard Armory- Florence, AL

Bearcat Brown & Dandy Jack Donovan beat Duke Myers & terry Garvin 2-1 (won 1st fall then 3rd fall by DQ)
TojoYamamoto beat Bill Costello 2-0

Saturday, April 23, 1938
Melbourne Stadium- Melbourne, Australia

8 Rounds:  Billy Hansen beat Dick Raines (awarded penalty fall when raines DQ'ed after being tied 1-1)
1-Hansen by pin 0:45 in Round 3
2-Raines by pin at 1:40 in Round 6
3- Raines DQ by referee Alf Bridges

10 Rounds: Young Jackie Burgess vs. Billy Darcy
plus one six rounder and three 4-round preliminaries

Saturday, April 23, 1938
Leichhardt Stadium- Sydney, Australia

Pat O'Shocker beat Vic Hills (Hills UTC after Round 4)


Wednesday, May 3, 1933
Forum- Montreal, Canada
Matchmaker: Aleck Moore

World Title: Jim Londos (C) vs. Rudy Dusek  2/3 falls
Dick Raines vs. Joe DeVito  30:00
Grubemeir vs. Zaharis  30:00
Farmer George McLeod vs Dr. Ralph Wilson  30:00
Jean Pusie vs Jack Early 20:00


Saturday, August 2, 1980
Crystal River High School- Crystal River, FL  8:30pm

US Womens Title: Beverly Shade (c) vs. Tracy Richards
plus The German Terrors, Lil Abner Collins, Doctor Death, Apache Kid

Monday, October 3, 1955 
Sheffield Community Center- Florence, AL    8pm
Promoter: Bill Jobe

Butch Boyette & Rube Wright vs. Lee Fields & Pierre Dugas  2/3  60:00
Ethel Brown vs. Corine Cordero   2/3  60:00

Saturday, January 30, 1982
Sportatorium- Hollywood, FL  7:30pm

Via Satellite: WBC Super Welterweight Boxing title: Wilfred Benitez (C) vs. Roberto Duran (15 rounds from Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.  Don King Promotions)

Live wrestling matches from Hollywood:
All Matches refereed by the Great Malenko

Luis Astea & Joe Malenko vs. Scrap Iron & Bear Stevens
plus Crusher, Jim Savage and more.
Plus Female boxing featuring Undefeated Ruth Beals


Saturday, October 6, 1990
Gore Gym (Rome, GA? --clip found in the Chattooga Press

The Assassins vs. The Fantastics (Jackie and Bobby Fulton)

Friday, August 12, 1988
James H Gray Sr. Civic Center- Albany, GA  8pm

(The Rock) Don Muraco vs. Greg (The Hammer) Valentine
Hercules vs. The Ultimate Warrior
Killer Bees vs. Young Stallions
Ladies Title: Sensational Sherri (C) vs. Rockin' Robin
Brady Boone vs. Steve Lombardi

Thursday, May 5, 1983
Sumter County Exhibition Center- Sumter, SC  8:15pm

World Tag Team title: Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood (C) vs. Greg Valentine & Dick Slater
Jake Roberts vs. Mike Rotundo
Joe LeDuc vs. One Man Gang
Rufus R. Jones vs. Rick Harris
Wayne Jones vs. Masa Fuchi


Tuesday, December 30, 1952
Lake Worth Arena- Lake Worth, FL  8:30pm
Referee: Herb Freeman

Dot Dotson & Arlene Ratliffe vs. Helen Hild & Frances Minor  2/3  60:00
Jack Vansky vs. Mike Clancy  2/3  45:00
Swede Nelsen vs. Eddie Gossett  1 fall 30:00

Friday, July 28, 1950
Zivic Arena- Millvale, PA   8:30pm

Don Eagle vs. Lucky Simunovich  1 fall 60:00
Black Phantom & Jack Vansky vs. Dennis Clary & Bobby Ford  2/3
KO Natey Brown vs. Roger McKay
Fred Bozic vs. Tom Bradley

Friday, March 25, 1994
Germantown High School- Germantown, WI   7pm
Badger State Wrestling Group

The Texas Hangmen vs. The Manson Brothers
Mens Title: Trevor Adonis vs. Rambo Robinson
Iron Mike Samson vs. K.C. Knight
Charlene Powers vs. Atomic Punk
Illinois State Trooper vs. Frank James
Hollywood Hitman vs. Baby Bull

Wednesday, June 19, 1940
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Leo Lefebvre vs. The Angel
Lou Thesz vs. Opponent to be named

Wednesday, June 7, 1972
National Guard Armory- Rock Hill, SC  8:15pm
Promoter: Bob Hooper

Lt. Melvin "Snow" Roseboro (Rock Hill Police Dept) & Lt. Mack George (York Police Dept.) vs. The Texas Menace & The Hornet
Charlie Cook vs. Ripper Ox (514 lbs)
Rock Riddle vs. Black Medic
Norman Gordon vs. Tammy Jones


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