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 Posted: Tue Nov 16th, 2010 05:03 am
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Tuesday, June 7, 1960
Crystal Rink- Norwalk, CT
Promoter: Leo Skidd

Skull Murphy & Pat Kelly vs. Haystacks Calhoun & Antonino Rocca
Zebra Kid vs. Tony Altomare
Ted Lewin vs. Chet Wallick
Don Curtis vs. Iron Mike DiBiase
Judo Jack Terry vs. Miguel Perez


Tuesday, September 11, 1951
Auditorium- Ottawa, Canada  8:45pm

Yukon Eric vs. Nature Boy Buddy Rogers  2/3 falls
Al Lovelock vs. George Scott
Billy Darnell vs. Jackie Nichols

Wednesday, June 3, 1942
Fort Brandon Armory- Tuscaloosa, AL  8:30pm
Promoter: Gunther

Rod Fenton vs. The Bat  2/3 falls  120:00
Women's Championship: Mildred Burke (c) vs. Mae Weston  2/3 falls  60:00

Special Attraction: Edwards' Contortionist Troupe- Gymnastic Exhibition


Saturday, March 17, 1951
Eugene Armory- Eugene, OR 
Matchmaker: Don Owen

Non Title: Frankie Stojack (Coast Junior Heavyweight titlist) lost to Soldat Gorky 2-1
1-Stojack by Boston Crab
2-Gorky with a jack knife
3-Gorky via flying kneedrop following a missed dropkick by Stojack

Leo (The Lion) Newman drew. Walter (Tinkit) Achiu
Rufus Jones drew George O'Hara

Saturday, March 18, 1950
Reading Armory- Reading, PA  8:45pm
Promoter: Bert Bertolini

Winner to face Mildred Burke (Women's Champ): Elvira Snodgrass vs. Mae Weston
Sandor Kovacs vs. Ace Freeman  30:00
Marvin Mercer & Kenny Ackler vs. Tony Murrelli & Miguel Torres  2/3 falls