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 Posted: Sat Nov 20th, 2010 07:05 am
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Wednesday, June 6, 1951
the Ballpark- Wilmington, DE

National Wrestling Association title: Don Eagle (c) vs. The Golden Terror
Jim Austeri & Jack Dillon vs. The Mighty Titan & Tony Cosenza  2/3 falls
Miguel Torres vs. George Macricostas
Kid Fox vs. Harry Finkelstein


Monday, February 8, 1943
Capitol Arena- Albany, NY  8:30 pm

Rudy Dusek vs. Michele Leone  2/3 falls
Hans Ray Schwartz vs. Mike Haller
Moe Brazen vs. Jim Austeri  1 fall
Chief Bamba Tabu vs. Max Krauser  1 fall

Wednesday, November 2, 1977
Arena Park Building- Cape Girardeau, MO  8pm

King Ripper Collins & Crazy Luke Graham vs. Danny Little Bear & Chief Thundercloud
Vicki Williams & Ann Jeannette vs. Terri Shane & Beverly Shade
plus singles matches

Saturday, December 11, 1954
YMCA- Lexington, NC

Nell Stewart vs. Judy Glover
Gino Garibaldi vs. Jack O'Riley
Chick Garibaldi vs. Steve Novak
Herb Larson vs. Jack O'Brien


Wednesday, September 12, 1945
Armory Arena- Miami, FL  8:45pm

Bill Cazzell  beat Johnny Carlin 2-1 (won 2nd & 3rd falls)
Tommy O'Toole beat Jack LaRue by DQ
Tuffy Truesdale beat Billy Williams (Sub for Chuck Gore) in 10:00

Friday, September 14, 1945
Biscayne Arena-Miami, FL  8:45pm

Jr. Heavyweight title: Herb Welch (C) beat Bill Cazzell  2-1 (won 1st and 3rd falls)
1-Welch in 17:00  2-Cazzell in 15:00  3-Welch in 5:00

Nick Bacalis (sub for Jack LaRue) beat Wild Bill Canny
Tuffy Truesdale drew Scotty Williams 30:00