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Thursday, July 9, 1931
Open Air Event- Modesto, CA
Promoter: Frankie Fuller

Renato Gardini vs. Martin Zickowich  2/3 falls 120:00
Jack Rusell vs. Phil Marbuggey  2/3 falls 60:00
John Kallas vs. Clyde Jones 1 fall 20:00


Wednesday, July 8, 1931
San Francisco, CA

Tony Felice beat Dick Raines 2-0
1-Felice in 19:00
2- Felice in 6:00

Abie Coleman drew Jock Plummer 60:00
Casey Kazanjian beat Cowboy Rogers in 18:00
Hoot Herrin beat Pat O'Brien in 22:00

Friday, January 31, 1936
Auditorium- Ottawa, Canada  8:30pm
Promoter: Jack Corcoran/Queensbury Club

Extended Time Limit: Ed Meske (Ohio State Champion) vs. Dick Raines (The Texas Tornado) 2/3 falls 90:00

Bibber McCoy vs. Scotty McDougall
Tom Alley vs. Felix McQuait


Friday, May 29, 1931
Arena- Salt Lake City, UT
Promoter: R. Verne McCullough

Ira Dern vs. Dick Raines
Dean Detton vs. Charley Mason
Bobby Sampson vs. Ralph Morley
Al Newman vs. Texas Jack Ray

Manager Sandow Wants Big Purse For His Protege Here.

Deseret News, Tuesday, May 26, 1931

Dick Raines has come to terms with R. Verne McCullough, local enterpreneur of grappling, and the Texas cowboy will wrestle Ira Dern Friday night in the main event on the regular weekly wrestling card at the Arena.  The signing of Raines was completed Monday after more than a week of bartering by telegraph.

Billy Sandow, manager of Strangler Lewis, who is grooming the Texan as the next heavyweight champioon of the Sandow stable, was exceedingly reluctant to allow his protege to risk life and limb on Dern's airplane spin, unless the renumeration was exceedingly worth while.  McCullough, self-styled champion Scotchman, finally had to yield and Raines will get the biggest purse ever paid a wrestler for a match here, with the exception of Don George.

Dern should be more than a match for Sandow's newest phenom, especially since he's called off his customary mid-week tour of the Pacific northwest.  By staying home this week and pointing carefully for the Raines match, Dern should be able to put on one of his greatest exhibitions.  He will need to if he holds this fellow in check.

The remainder of the card as announced Monday brings out Dean Detton against Charley Mason; Bobby Sampson vs. Ralph Morley and Al Newman against Texas Jack Ray.