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 Posted: Thu Nov 25th, 2010 07:28 am
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Tuesday, December 12, 1939
Reading Armory-Reading, PA  8:45pm
Promoter: Bert Bertolini

Strangler Bob Wagner vs. Bibber McCoy one fall to a finish (McCoy gets title shot at Jim Londos if victorious)

Maurice LaChappelle vs. either Angelo Leone (newspaper ad) or Henry (Wild Man) Kulkuvich (news article)  45:00

Jack (Bad Boy) Brown vs. Angelo Savoldi
Eddie Cook vs. Les Ryan
Bobby Brown vs. Alex (Tarzan) Fabiankovitz

Friday, February 15, 1985
Lane County Fairgrounds- Eugene, OR

Street Fight: Bobby Jaggers beat Mike Miller
Billy Jack Haynes beat Kendo Nagasaki
Don Running Bear beat The Black Terror
Ed Wiskowski beat Billy Two Eagles

Thursday, September 2, 1948
Notre Dame Arena- Berlin, NH

Steve (Crusher) Casey beat Bibber McCoy (tied at 1-1, McCoy was injured and UTC)
1-Casey  2-McCoy  3-Casey

Tiger Tasker drew Steve Karas 30:00

Monday, May 26, 1958
The Cape Arena- Cape Girardeau, MO  8:15pm

Don Whittler vs. Joe McCarthy  2/3 falls  60:00
Tor Yamato vs. Phil Melby  2/3 falls 60:00
Scotty Williams vs. Chris Zaharias 1 fall 30:00

Tuesday, May 27, 1958
St. Louis, MO

Joe McCarthy vs. Buddy Hack

Monday, March 3, 1941
YMCA- Victoria, TX  8pm
Promoter: Bill Lindsey

Iron Mike Mazurki beat Killer Jack Dillon 2-1
1-Mazurki with a figure 4 hook scissors
2-Dillon originally declared winner with a short arm scissors... Mazurki protested that his legs were outside the ropes... referee Charlie Schwartz restarted the match.. Dillon wins with slams and hook scissors
3- Mazurki wins the deciding fall

Al Lovelock beat Ray Duran 2-1
1-Duran in 15:00
2-Lovelock in 7:30
3-Lovelock by DQ after being fouled by Duran