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 Posted: Sun Nov 28th, 2010 02:19 am
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Tuesday, July 9, 1940
Auditorium-Ottawa, Canada  8:45pm
Queensbury Athletic Club
Attendance: 1800

The Lone Wolf drew Louis Thesz 1-1 (DCOR in 3rd fall)
1-Thesz in 21:06
2-Lone Wolf in 11:57
3-DCOR 18:10

Abe Kashey beat Harry Kent 30:11
Bobby Roberts beat Red Ryan (sub for Lee Henning) in 17:09


Tuesday, July 16, 1940
Auditorium-Ottawa, Canada  8:45pm
Queensbury Athletic Club

Elmer "The Great" Eastup vs. The Lone Wolf
Dynamite Joe Cox vs. Bobby Roberts
Louis Thesz vs. Abe Kashey

Thursday, July 14, 1977
Oxnard Community Center-Oxnard, CA 
Promoter: Bob Bockwinkel

Chavo Guerrero (sub for Tom Jones) beat America's champion Texas Red in a non-title bout
Mexican Death Match: Roddy Piper & Gorgeous Keith Franks beat Chavo Guerrero & Victor Rivera
J.J. Dillon NC Rebel Bill Ash
Big Bad John beat Rock Riddle

Tuesday, December 28, 1965
Hesterly Armory- Tampa, FL

Missouri Mauler beat Klondike Bill
Eddie Graham, Don Curtis & Ron Etchison beat Johnny Powers, Bob Orton & Roger Kirby
Kurt & Skull Von Stroheim beat Tito Carreon & Jerry London
Mustafa Bey beat Johnny Bence

For Ron- Here's a card listing an SBG result that you have only the scheduled matchup in your career list.  For reference:,1380527&dq=pepper-martin&hl=en

Friday, September 17, 1971
Uptown Arena-Modesto, CA

Pepper Gomez & Pepper Martin beat Superstar Billy Graham & Pat Patterson 2-1
1-Graham beat Gomez
2-Martin beat Patterson
3-Gomez beat Graham

Ripper Collins beat Paddy Barrett 2-1 (Collins won 1st and 3rd falls)
Rocky Johnson beat Don Carson by submission


Tuesday, December 30, 1941
Reading Armory- Reading, PA
Promoter: Bert Bertolini

Lou Plummer vs. Milo Steinborn  2/3 falls
Max Krauser vs. Ed Newman  45:00 TL
Frank Judson vs. Fred Caroni  30:00 TL
Abe Coleman vs. Babe Caddock 30:00 TL

Thursday, December 7, 1972
Toledo Sports Arena- Toledo, OH  8:30pm

US title (No Countouts or DQ): Pampero Firpo vs. Danny Miller

Tony Marino & Tex McKenzie vs. George Steele & Killer Brooks (w/Eddy Creechman)
Plus super surprise all star card


Wednesday, July 23, 1941
The Forum-Montreal, Canada
Matchmaker: Eddie Quinn

World Heavyweight title (Montreal recognized): Lou Thesz (C) vs. Koverly  one fall to a finish
George Becker vs. Henry Kulkavich  30:00 TL
Joe DeValteau vs. Bibber McCoy   45:00 TL
Lucien LeBlanc vs. Tiger Joe Marsh  30:TL

Thursday, May 31, 1951
Coliseum-Salt Lake City, UT

George Craig beat Buzz Jones, but Jones laid Craig and referee Milt Olson out flat afterward
Carol Cook beat Dot Dotson  2-1