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 Posted: Sat Mar 22nd, 2008 03:03 am
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1. Money In The Bank match (Chris Jericho vs. MVP vs. CM Punk vs. Ken Kennedy vs. John Morrison vs. Carlito vs. Shelton Benjamin) - Interesting that Jeff Hardy was removed without storyline explanation and that he will not be replaced, making this a 7-man match.  I'm still pissed that Jamie Knoble wasn't rewarded for an outstanding work this year and wasn't added here.  This should be the typically great high spot match and I think Benjamin will once again steal the show as he did 2 years ago, but he has no chance to win.  I also expect Carlito and Morrison to step up big time and be in their element here, but they also have no chance in hell.  Jericho is too established already and the fans are hardly clamoring for him to get back in the main event picture, so he's definitely out.  That leaves 3 competitors with a fairly good shot and all have been proclaimed "the future" already only to suffer numerous setbacks.  Punk is the most logical choice but I've resigned myself to the fact that Creative just doesn't see in him what the fans obviously do and he's destined to always get the RVD treatment.  Kennedy has already promised to cash his title shot in that night if he wins, and for storyline purposes that would be great if he winds up STILL getting his title shot at WMXXIV even after the injury and losing his MITB shot from last year, but I just don't see that happening or fitting into the show in any way.  That leaves MVP, who would make a fresh opponent for Cena , HHH, or Undertaker down the line, has already dragged great matches out of Batista, and could turn face and easily get the fans on his side against Orton or Edge. 


2. Maria/Candice Michelle vs. Beth Phoenix/Melina (lumberjack match) - Michelle is hurt again and will either gut this out or be replaced by Mickie James, who I'd prefer in the match anyway.  This will be short and sweet with either Michelle or James doing all the work and then Maria coming in to get the pin and pose in front of her enlarged Playboy cover.  There will be the inevitable catfight on the floor with the lumberjacks, probably with Michelle McCool and Victoria being showcased. 


3. JBL vs. Fit Finlay (Belfast brawl) - This should be a fun, quick, hardcore-lite match.  A fired up Finlay beating on ANYONE is about as good as it gets and this type of match is about all JBL does well, especially since he's come back with the man-boobs and spare tire.  I don't think it'll get enough time to be much (which is good because JBL will blow up in 5 minutes), but I expect a nice brawl followed by a Hornswoggle run-in with a shillelagh shot to the skull.  It should be fine for what it is.


4. 24-man battle royal to determine #1 contender to ECW title - Only participants announced thus far are Great Khali, Kane, Mark Henry, Big Daddy V, Chuck Palumbo, and Jamie Knoble.  I think it's extremely safe to say based on how this has been built up so far that Kane, Khali, and Henry will be the 3 in near the end.  I'd much prefer them throw in an upset and give a guy like Palumbo the win, but it won't happen.  Kane is my clear choice as I really don't see them putting in the effort to swerve anyone here, plus they'll reward the veteran by showcasing him in the next singles match.  It'll be a quick one too, with guys eliminated lightning fast.


5. Chavo Guerrero, Jr. vs. battle royal winner (ECW title match) - Chavo vs. Kane seems to make sense, but regardless I don't see a title change here against anyone.  I'll say Chavo wins with help from The Edgeheads, leading to Kane and Undertaker reuniting a couple of more times on SD! to take on this new stable of Chavo, Edge, and The Edgeheads that they seem to like pushing lately.


6. Dave Batista vs. Umaga - I like Umaga, he's impressed me with matches that I was expecting nothing from that turned out really strong, particularly his series with John  Cena.  Batista usually sucks but can occasionally step it up in a big match.  Unfortunately, I just can't see this being very good.  It's also the easiest prediction to make as I can't see any way Batista loses here.  This match will be 8 minutes or so and seem like a typical TV match and will be forgotten as soon as it's over.


7. The Big Show vs. Floyd Mayweather - Really hard to say how this goes down.  Mayweather won't job but the thought of him beating Show is laughable.  This will be a 3-ring circus with promos being cut, lots of stalling, and some run-ins.  I'll make the guess that Mayweather pays off a wrestler to help him win, maybe Great Khali, to set up Show's next feud after Mayweather is long gone.


8. Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels - I'm really torn as to how good this match will be.  I really, really, really want it to be great.  But not only is it no longer 1985 anymore, it's not even 2005 anymore, which is the last time Flair could occasionally reach deep and have a decent performance.  In his "retirement series", Flair has been getting gassed in 8 minute matches that have been very pedestrian, and although MVP and Ken Kennedy sure as hell ain't Michaels, they've still had much better matches against others.  You know this will get time, probably 15-20 minutes, which is a scary match length for Flair these days.  Michaels will do everything in his power to make this special and Flair will have the adrenaline pumping but I just don't know if his body will cooperate.   If Flair can be 40% of what he once was one last time, this match will steal the show and create a "Wrestlemania Moment".  I hope it does.


9. Randy Orton vs. John Cena vs. HHH (WWE (Raw) World title triangle match) - Been there, done that.  I'm not looking forward to this, I don't think it'll be much better than a good Raw main event, we've seen all these guys in various combinations wrestle a million times before, and with 1 exception multi-man title matches at WM have never been good.  I hope this doesn't go on last.  You can bet HHH will be putting this one together himself and if he can pull a good match out of these guys and construct a well-booked, logical, and exciting match then more power to him, I'll give him a lot of credit.  Say what you will about HHH, but he'll clearly be the best wrestler and best wrestling mind in that ring by far.   As far as the result, I don't think they rushed Cena back so he could lose.


10. Edge vs. The Undertaker (WWE (SD!) World title match) - The true main event IMO.  I'm looking forward to this.  Should just be a phenomenal one-on-one match between the best heel in the business today against a true legend who is the only guy on the planet who legitimately has gotten better with age (an over-used expression in sports that is probably only true in this case).  If 'Taker could get a good one out of Batista last year, he and Edge should tear the roof off the place (if it had a roof).   This should be a straight-ahead, gimmick-free, wrestling match between two of the best with a logical story being told through their work in the ring.  They need to end 'Taker's streak eventually and I don't see any better time to do it.  No one deserves the recognition of doing it more than Edge and he should do it clean.


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