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 Posted: Mon Mar 24th, 2008 09:29 pm
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Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Winner: MVP or Mr. Kennedyyyyyyy. I'd love to
see Shelton Benjamin win, but any of the 3 would be fine with me.

Playboy Match: who gives a rat's ass ?

Finlay defeats JBL in good old fashion brawl. Could be the match of the night.

Battle Royal: Someone mentioned Colin Delaney. Hey, why not ? There must be a reason they're pushing him on ECW.

Batista vs Umaga: another rat's ass match. Likely Batista

Mayweather vs Big Show. Money boy wins when Jericho chair shots BS ( revenge for last week's RAW). Jericho's heel turn becomes official.

Shawn Michaels over Ric Flair

Triple H defeats John Cena and Randy Orton 

The Undertaker defeats Edge to win the World Heavyweight Championship. But
I'd love to see Edge win. It's about time Taker passed the torch.

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