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 Posted: Sun Jan 30th, 2011 07:22 pm
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Just throwing another testimonial for the calendar page as a good cross-check, which was especially helpful in verifying a Google news archive page.  A Lexington, NC result and a related article link were billed as being from September 1953.  When I tried to match the dates up via the calendar, the day of the week was wrong.  Upon closer examination of the headers, I discovered that the papers were actually from September 1958.   Just saying that the date the archive gives you may in fact be incorrect, and you should investigate the dates as they are printed in the paper's original typeface. 

Hopefully it can lessen inaccuracy in some career records which may have been researched already and where discrepancies have creeped in.

Yep that happens once in a while. That's why I always scroll up and check the date of the paper.

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