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 Posted: Tue Feb 1st, 2011 05:45 pm
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Wahoo legal wrangling


1968 recap in 1973 article:,4420927&dq=wahoo+mcdaniel+arrested&hl=en



3/4/1993 vs Greg Valentine, article and advertisement on same page here:,1436701&dq=wahoo+mcdaniel+wrestling&hl=en

5/10/1993 vs Manny Fernandez, Mike Mooneyham article:,2949915&dq=wahoo+mcdaniel+wrestling&hl=en

4/29/1995 vs. Greg Valentine (evening show...  a double shot or just double booked?),5129491&dq=wahoo+mcdaniel+wrestling&hl=en

5/13/1995: vs Rick Link,165624&dq=wahoo+mcdaniel+wrestling&hl=en

4/29/2000 an appearance only from another Mooneyham column:,3396167&dq=wahoo+mcdaniel+wrestling&hl=en

9/28/1992 vs Ivan Koloff, full page spread:,5868002&dq=wahoo+mcdaniel+wrestling&hl=en

billed as appearing for TV tapings in this column, for  8/26 and 8/28/1993:,3860816&dq=wahoo+mcdaniel+wrestling&hl=en