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 Posted: Sun Feb 27th, 2011 01:18 pm
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Mr E Man Poffo wrote: clawmaster wrote: And Eric Westlund of the awesome Poffo ICW site has just registered for the board. He can post the Knoxville ICW stuff he he wants. I have the Knoxville ICW stuff already but I would rather Eric posted it since it is his research.

Have you ever seen a promo for a guy from another territory coming to your area and then he debuts and your let down dramatically....

I do have quite a few oddball Southeastern cards I've found while reasearching ICW Poffo from the 79-80 time frames. I'll try to post them here when I get some time.

Southeastern was a great territory especially 1976-78.Probably my second favorite as far as wrestlers and the angles.Quite a bit different from Jarrett and Gulas even though geographically so close.


I am looking forward to your additions on this board.  Hopefully, we can get a complete results timeline for the East Tennessee territories from the Fuller through Poffo, and the outlaws in between.  Welcome aboard!


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