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01-11  Jess Ortega, Lima, OH (Sports Haven)_________________________________________________     Unknown

02-05  Pat O’Connor, St. Louis_____________________________________________________________     Lost

02-06  Irish Mickey Doyle, Detroit, MI (Cobo Arena.  A-10,103)___________________________________       Draw

02-12  Moose Cholak, Muncie, IN__________________________________________________________       Unknown

02-19  w/John Tolos vs. Dory Funk Sr./Murray Cummings, St. Louis_______________________________       Won

02-20  Nicoli Volkoff, Hammond, IN_________________________________________________________      Won

02-27  w/Bill Miller vs. The Great Kusatsu/Mr. Chin, Kawasaki, Japan______________________________        Draw

           (Poffo wrestled under a mask as “The ?”)

02-28  w/Jack Claybourne vs. The Great Kusatsu/Mighty Inoue, Morioka, Japan______________________       Lost

03-02  Rusher Kimura (Cage Match), Tokyo, Japan_____________________________________________    Lost

           (“The ?”  was unmasked as Angelo Poffo)

03-19  w/Johnny Long vs. Luis Martinez/Greg Valentine, St. Louis_________________________________       Lost

03-20  Billy Red Cloud, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)_____________________________________      Lost

05-14  w/Don Fargo vs. Ronnie Etchison/Steve Bolus, St. Louis___________________________________      Lost

06-04  Bill Howard, Chicago (Internatinal Amphitheatre)_________________________________________      Won

06-26  Billy Robinson, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)_____________________________________        Lost

07-10  Bill Howard, Milwaukee (Auditorium)__________________________________________________       Draw

09-24  Kenny Dillinger, Hammond, IN_______________________________________________________       Draw

10-01  The Professor (Doug Gilbert), Fort Wayne, IN___________________________________________      Lost

10-15  w/Bennie Ramirez vs. Ronnie Etchison/Steve Bolus, St. Louis_______________________________      Lost

10-23  Kenny Dillinger, Detroit (Olympia Stadium)______________________________________________      Draw

10-30  Kenny Jay, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)_________________________________________      Won

11-12  Wilbur Snyder, Milwaukee (Auditorium)________________________________________________       Lost

12-02  The Professor (Doug Gilbert), Fort Wayne, IN (Coliseum)_________________________________        Draw

12-04  Bob Kappel, Two Rivers, WI (Community House)_________________________________________     Won

12-10  The Professor, Detroit, MI (Olympia)___________________________________________________     Lost

12-27  Bill Miller, Fort Wayne, IN (Coliseum)__________________________________________________      Draw

           also first eliminated in 10-Man Battle Royal.

12-30  Paul Christy, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)________________________________________     Draw


                                                                    21 matches (1,032)



01-08  Frankie Adonis, Detroit (Olympia)____________________________________________________        Draw

01-13  w/Nicoli Volkoff/Bill Miller vs. Wilbur Snyder/The Professor/Moose Cholak, Ft. Wayne, IN (Colis.)__          Won

01-29  Freddie Rogers, Indianapolis (Fairgrounds Coliseum)_____________________________________      Won

02-12?Killer Cortez, Detroit (Olympia)_______________________________________________________      Draw

02-12  Billy Red Cloud, Chicago (Internatinal Amphitheatre)_____________________________________        Lost

02-26  w/Ken Dillinger vs. The Professor/Moose Cholak, Detroit, MI (Olympia)______________________         Won

03-09  w/Ken Dillinger vs. Moose Cholak/Paul Christy, Fort Wayne, IN (Coliseum)____________________       Lost

03-11  Ricky Cortez, Hammond, IN_________________________________________________________      Draw

03-15  w/Ken Dillinger vs. Moose Cholak/Paul Christy, Detroit, MI (Olympia)_________________________       Won

03-17  w/Hans Schmidt vs. Terry Martin/Steve Bolus, St. Louis___________________________________        Won

03-25  Bob Sabre, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)_________________________________________     Won

04-04  Paul Christy, Peoria, IL_____________________________________________________________      Draw

04-08  w/Ken Dillinger vs. Paul Christy/Billy Jack Mann, Detroit, MI (Olympia)_______________________          Won

04-18  w/Ken Dillinger vs. Art Thomas/Paul Christy, Indianapolis, IN (Tyndall Armory)_________________        Draw

04-22  w/Ken Dillinger/Mark Manson vs. Billy Red Cloud/Paul Christy/Moose Cholak, Detroit, MI (Olympia)_       Won

04-23  Paul Christy, Sheboygan, WI (Auditorium)______________________________________________       Unknown

05-06  w/Ken Dillinger vs. Moose Cholak/Frankie Adonis, Detroit, MI (Olympia)______________________        Won

05-20  w/Kenny Dillinger vs. Red Bastien/Cowboy Bill Watts, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)_______        Lost

05-23  w/Kenny Dillinger vs. Dick the Bruiser/Wilbur Snyder, Indianapolis, IN (Tyndall Armory)__________         Lost (DQ)

06-02  w/Kenny Dillinger vs. Art Thomas/Wilbur Snyder, Indianapolis, IN (Convention Center.  A-7,000)___       Won

06-10  John the Greek, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)_____________________________________      Won

06-16  Billy Jack Mann, Indianapolis, IN (Convention Center.  A-7,000)_____________________________       Won

06-17  w/Kenny Dillinger vs. Art Thomas/Clem Turner, Detroit, MI (Olympia)_________________________      Won

07-08  w/Kenny Dillinger vs. Billy Red Cloud/Prince Pullins, Chicago (Int. Amphitheatre)_______________         Won

07-11  Bull Bullinski, Davenport, IA_________________________________________________________        Lost

07-15  w/Kenny Dillinger vs. Billy Red Cloud/Bobby Bold Eagle, Indianapolis (Convention Center)_______          Lost (COR)

07-16  w/Kenny Dillinger vs. Wilbur Snyder/Art Thomas, Detroit (Olympia Stadium)___________________        No Contest

07-20  Ramon Torres, Sheboygan, WI (Municipal Auditorium)____________________________________       Lost

07-25  Don Muraco, Davenport, IA__________________________________________________________     Lost

07-29  Billy Red Cloud, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)_____________________________________      Lost

08-05  w/Kenny Dillinger vs. Billy Red Cloud/Bobby Bold Eagle, Indianapolis (Convention Center. A-10,000)_     Won

08-11  w/Kenny Dillinger vs. Billy Red Cloud/Bobby Bold Eagle, Gary, IN___________________________         Lost

08-13  w/Kenny Dillinger vs. Billy Red Cloud/Bobby Bold Eagle, Detroit (Olympia Stadium)_____________         Lost

08-26  w/Kenny Dillinger vs. Wilbur Snyder/Vic Rositanni, Indianapolis_____________________________         Won

09-01  Ramon Torres, Chicago (Soldiers Field)________________________________________________     Lost

09-09  w/Kenny Dillinger/Mark Manson vs. Art Thomas/Prince Pullins/Paul Christy, Detroit (Olympia)___             Lost

09-12  w/The Big K vs. Moose Cholak/Bull Bullinski, Davenport, IA______________________________            Lost

09-16  w/Kenny Dillinger vs. Moose Cholak/Wilbur Snyder, Indianapolis___________________________          Won

09-26  Angel Rivera, Peoria, IL____________________________________________________________       Won

10-06  Jim Alexi, Indianapolis_____________________________________________________________        Won

10-14  Tom Lynch, Hammond, IN__________________________________________________________       Lost

10-19  Prince Pullins, Ft. Wayne, IN (Coliseum)_______________________________________________       Lost

10-23  Wilbur Snyder, Indianapolis_________________________________________________________        Lost

10-28  w/Kenny Dillinger vs. Wilbur Snyder/Moose Cholak, Hammond, IN (Civic Center)______________          Lost


                                                                   30 matches (1,062)



07-06  Paul Christy © for World Title, Fond du Lac, WI (Village Park)________________________________    Unknown


                                                                    1 matches (1,063)



11-08  w/Gorgeous George II vs. Paul Christy/Leapin Lanny (Poffo), Chicago, IL (Thornridge H.S. Gym)___      Unknown

11-28  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Rick Hamilton/Jim Arnett, Cincinnati, OH (Gardens)________________________       Won

12-06  w/Lanny Poffo vs. The Patriot/Igor, Lima, OH (Local 711 CIO Hall)___________________________      Won

12-20  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Bobo Brazil/Fred Curry for US Title (def), Mansfield, OH_____________________     Unknown


                                                                     3 matches (1,066)



02-08  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Fred Curry/Hank James, Detroit (Cobo Arena)____________________________      Draw

02-19  w/Lanny Poffo © vs. Fred Curry/Hank James for WTTC, Charleston, WV (Civic Center)__________       Unknown

02-25  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Lou Klein/Al Costello, Medina, OH (H.S. Gym)____________________________       Unknown

03-29  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Bolo and Geeto Mongol for NWA WTTC, Akron, OH (Armory)_______________        Double DQ

05-02  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Ronnie Etchison/Sailor Art Thomas, St. Louis_____________________________       Lost-dq

05-16  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Omar Atlas/Buddy King, St. Louis______________________________________       Lost

05-16  w/Lanny Poffo vs. The Alaskans, Warren, OH (Warren G. Harding Field House)________________       ???

05-17  Jay York, Detroit, MI (Cobo Arena)____________________________________________________     Won

06-06  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Ronnie Etchison/Ben Justice, St. Louis__________________________________       Lost

06-14  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Alo Leilani/El Bracero, Detroit, MI (Cobo Arena)___________________________      Won

06-28  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Hank James/Mighty Igor, Detroit, MI (Cobo Arena. A-5,189)_________________       Lost

06-29  w/Lanny and Randy Poffo vs. Yukon John/Kurt Von Brauner, Saul Weingeroff, Akron, OH (Armory)__    Lost

08-22  Carlos Hernandez, Abilene, TX (Taylor Co. Coliseum)_____________________________________     Won

09-05  w/Sonny Boy Hayes vs. Scott Casey/Cowboy Lang, Abilene, TX (Taylor Co. Coliseum)___________      Lost

09-11  Mark Romero, Amarillo, TX (Sports Arena)_______________________________________________

10-09  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Scott Casey/Johnny Starr, Amarillo, TX_________________________________        Lost

10-10  w/Lanny Poffo vs. John Starr/Scott Casey, Lubbock, TX___________________________________       Lost-DQ

10-17  w/Sputnik Monroe vs. Ricky Romero/Scott Casey, Lubbock, TX_____________________________       Lost

10-29  w/Randy Taylor vs. Tony Atlas/Silver Streak, Abilene, TX (Taylor Co. Coliseum)________________

11-13  Juan Sebastian, Amarillo, TX_________________________________________________________     Won

11-14  Juan Sebastien, Lubbock, TX_________________________________________________________    Won

11-20  w/Lanny Poffo/Hank James vs. Ray Stevens/Ricky Romero/Scott Casey, Amarillo (Sports Arena)___      Draw

11-21  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Ricky Romero/Silver Streak, Lubbock, TX________________________________      Lost


                                                                   13 matches (1,079)



03-13  Gary Fulton, Akron, OH_____________________________________________________________     Draw

03-14  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Denny Alberts/John Boy Ruffin, Canton, OH_____________________________        Won

03-18  Chris Markoff, Toledo, OH___________________________________________________________     Lost

03-24  w/Lanny Poffo/Chris Colt vs. Gary Fulton/El Bracero/John Boy Ruffin, Canton, OH______________        Lost

03-25  Chris Markoff, Toledo, OH____________________________________________________________   Lost


               At this time Chris Colt and Lanny Poffo are World Tag Team Champions in Detroit and Angelo

              is their manager.                     


04-03  Rip Hawk, Detroit (Cobo Arena)_______________________________________________________    Lost

04-17  Rip Hawk, Detroit TV (Possibly 4-3 bout on tape)_________________________________________     Lost

07-10  Klondike Bill, Hampton, VA__________________________________________________________       Lost

07-29  Klondike Bill, Charleston, NC_________________________________________________________     Lost

12-25  w/Hans Schroeder vs. Matt Rivera/Roberto Soto, St. Petersburgh, FL__________________________   Lost

12-27  Roberto Soto, West Palm Beach, FL  (also in 18-Man Battle Royal)___________________________     Draw

12-28  w/Hans Schroeder vs. Matt Rivera/Roberto Soto, St. Petersburgh, FL__________________________   Lost

12-28  w/Hans Schroeder vs. Chief White Owl/Rick McGraw, Tampa, FL____________________________      Won

12-29  Rick McGraw, Miami, FL___________________________________________________________        Won or Draw


                                                                   14 matches (1,093)



01-12  Skip Young, Miama, FL_____________________________________________________________      Lost-DQ

01-15  Roberto Soto, Punta Gorda, FL_______________________________________________________     Lost

01-19  Skip Young, Miami, FL______________________________________________________________     Lost

01-25  Steve Keirn, Tampa TV_____________________________________________________________     Lost

02-02  Matt Rivera, Miami, FL______________________________________________________________     Won

02-05  Kevin Sullivan, St. Petersburg, FL_____________________________________________________      Lost

02-09  Steve Kiern, Miami, FL______________________________________________________________     Lost

02-26  w/Bob Orton Jr. vs. Steve Kiern/Tony Rocco, Miami, FL____________________________________     Lost

03-09  w/Mike Hammer vs. Tully Blanchard/Kevin Sullivan, Miami Beach, FL (Convention Hall)__________        Lost

03-21  w/Hans Schroeder vs. Ernie Ladd (Handicap Match), Orlando, FL____________________________     Lost

03-31  The Assassin, Jacksonville, FL_______________________________________________________       Unknown

04-09  Phil Mercado, St. Petersburg, FL______________________________________________________     Lost

04-13  Phil Mercado, Miami Beach, FL (Convention Hall)________________________________________       Draw

04-20  Tully Blanchard, Miami Beach, FL (Convention Hall)_______________________________________     Lost

05-04  Bob Ellis, Ft. Meyers, FL_____________________________________________________________    Lost

05-18  Tony Rocco, Miami Beach, FL_________________________________________________________   Lost

05-25  Raul Mata, Miami, FL________________________________________________________________   Lost

06-01  Wilhelm Ruska, Miami, FL____________________________________________________________    Lost

06-22  Raul Mata, Miami, FL________________________________________________________________   Lost

08-06  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Cowboy Frankie Laine/Joey Rossi, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)______    Lost

08-20  w/Lanny Poffo vs. The Samoans, Nashville, TN (TV taping)__________________________________Draw

08-21  Butch Thornton, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)___________________________________    Lost

08-27  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Crazy Luke Graham/Ripper Collins, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)_____     Draw

09-03  Danny Little Bear, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)__________________________________   Won

09-10  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Joey Rossi/Wayne Petty, Nashville, TN (TV taping)_________________________      Won

09-24  Jerry Barber, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium.  A-5,000)______________________________   Won

10-01  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Tojo Yamamoto/George Gulas, Nashville, TN (TV taping)____________________     Lost (DQ)

10-02  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Butch Thornton/Big Red, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)______________   Draw

10-23  Butch Thornton, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)___________________________________    Won

10-29  Joey Rossi (Angelo started against Rossi and Lanny finished) (TV taping)______________________     Lost

10-30  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Len and Joey Rossi, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)_________________     Lost

11-05  w/Lanny Poffo/Gypsy Joe vs. Len and Joey Rossi/Bearcat Brown, Chattanooga, TN (Mem. Audit.)___    X

11-12  Angelo handcuffed to Frankie Laine for Gyspy Joe/Lanny Poffo vs. Len and Joey Rossi, Chattan.____ ---

12-10  Mr. America Don Ross, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)______________________________   Lost

12-17  w/Masked Dr. Death vs. Len and Joey Rossi, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)____________     Lost

12-31  Mike Jackson, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)_____________________________________    Won

12-27  Roberto Soto, West Palm Beach, FL____________________________________________________   Draw

            also probably in Battle Royal

12-28  w/Hans Schroader vs. Chief White Owl/Rick McGraw, Tampa, FL_____________________________    Won

12-29  Rick McGraw, Miami, FL_____________________________________________________________    Draw


37 matches (1,130)



01-14  Mr. America Don Ross, Nashville, TN (TV taping)_________________________________________     Lost

01-14  Tojo Yamamoto, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)___________________________________   Lost

            also w/Masked Demon vs. Tojo Yamamoto/Tom Renesto Jr. _______________________________      Lost

01-28  w/Masked Blue Demon vs. Joey Ross/Bobby Eaton, location unknown (TV Taping)_______________    Lost

02-11  Mr. America Don Ross, Nashville, TN (TV taping)_________________________________________     Lost

04-16  Dutch Mantel, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)**__________________________________       Lost

04-22  Dutch Mantel, Chattanooga, TN (Live TV taping)**_________________________________________   Lost (DQ)

            The Carpetbagger was unmasked as Angelo Poffo

10-29  Arvil Hutto, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)________________________________________  Lost (DQ)

11-04  Burhead Jones, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)____________________________________   Won

11-11  w/Mexican Angel vs. Dutch Mantel/Jimmy Rougeau, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)_______    Unknown

11-25  Chief Thundercloud, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)________________________________   Lost

12-09  Walter Johnson, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)___________________________________    Unknown

            ** Angelo wrestled under a mask as “The Carpetbagger”


11 matches (1,141)



01-07  w/Don Bass vs. Tojo Yamamoto/The Beast, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)______________   Lost

02-03  Butch Thornton, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)____________________________________  Lost



02-08  w/Hustler Rip Rogers vs. Pez Whatley/Ric McCord, Paducah, KY***___________________________    Lost

            ***Angelo wrestled as “The Miser”


                                                                     2 matches (1,143)



02-04 Wayne Davis, Monticello, KY (National Guard Armory) as “The Miser”_______________________        Unknown



                02-21  Bill Martin for TV Title, Memphis, TN (Cook Co. Convention Center) as “The Miser”____________       Unknown

                03-04  Ronnie Garvin, Beckley, WV (A-1,472) Hair vs. Hair Match_________________________________       Unknown

                04-05  John Ruffen for TV Title, Maysville, KY (Maysville H.S. Gym) as “The Miser”__________________        Unknown

05-29  Frankie Adonis, Springfield, IL_______________________________________________________       Unknown

06-27  w/Walter Johnson vs. Hustler Rip Rogers/Bad Pistol Pez Whatley © for U.S. Title, Paducah, KY

            (Jaycee Civic Center)_______________________________________________________________    Unknown

10-31  Hustler Rip Rogers, Paducah, KY (Jaycee Civic Center)____________________________________     Unknown

11-06  Ratamyus (Bill Howard), Springfield, IL__________________________________________________   Unknown

12-04  Tony Falk, Springfield, IL____________________________________________________________     Unknown


                                                                                6 matches (1,149)



01-01  Kabooki, Springfield, MO (A-1,000)____________________________________________________     Lost

01-06  Great Kabooki, Beckley, WV_________________________________________________________      Lost

02-??  Paul Christy, Paducah, KY (Jaycee Civic Center)_________________________________________      Unknown

02-27  Mr. Wrestling, Paducah, KY (Jaycee Civic Center)________________________________________      Unknown


                                                                                4 matches (1,153)



01-01  w/Randy Savage vs. Dutch Mantell/Art Crews, Memphis, TN (Mid-South Coliseum)______________      Won (DQ)

           Also w/Randy Savage vs. Rock and Roll Express_________________________________________      Lost

02-14  w/Randy Savage/Jimmy Hart vs. Dutch Mantell/Bugsy McGraw, Memphis, TN (MSC)____________       Won (handicap)

02-19  w/Sabu vs. Harley Davidson/Dusty Rhodes, Memphis, TN (Mid-South Col.  A-5,100)_____________      Lost

03-05  w/Larry Higgins vs. Harley Davidson/Dusty Rhodes, Memphis, TN (MSC.  A-3,700)______________      Lost

05-28  w/Randy Savage vs. Mark Batten/Johnny Wilhoit, Memphis, TN (MSC.  A-4,500)________________      Lost

09-17  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Mark Batten/Johnny Wilhoit, Memphis, TN (MSC.  A-6,900)__________________      Lost



                                                                      7 matches (1,160)

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