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 Posted: Mon Apr 14th, 2008 04:21 pm
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Bix wrote: Wasn't some of the criticism directed towards the idea that they claimed that the promotion itself commissioned the building of the monster?
For the era this was seen as the ultimate insult to the fans' intelligence. Sure none of the Russian heels were really from Russia and none of those battle royals really had $20,000 in prize money, but at least the theory was that stuff was at least plausible in comparison to The Monster being built in a lab which was considered corny and over the top. Jeff Walton and Gene LeBell also claimed on commentary that The Monster had been built in a laboratory, so it was not just the heel manager who brought him in, but also the promotion itself that made these wild claims and that also upset a lot of the smart fans of the day. Obviously the standards of disgusting promotional tactics were severely lowered in subsequent years.