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Various Mid-Atlantic/Crockett/WCW/Mid-Atlantic Indies Results Threads

Here's all the threads that deal with the Mid-Atlantic/Crockett/WCW/Mid-Atlantic Indies Wrestling results. If anyone sees any errors or threads I missed please PM me with the changes please.

Mid-Atlantic(Crockett) Promotion 1933-1988 - Version 2:

Mid-Atlantic region - Jan-Jun 1964:

Mid-Atlantic Region - July-Dec 1964:

Mid-Atlantic Region - Jan-Jun 1965:

Mid-Atlantic Region - July-Dec 1965:

Mid Atlantic 1979:

Mid Atlantic 1980:

Mid Atlantic 1981:

Mid Atlantic 1982:

Mid Atlantic 1983:

Mid-Atlantic 1983:

Some Mid Atlantic Results from 1980 to 1984:

Some Mid Atlantic Results and Cards from 1983:

Greensboro Results:

Charleston, SC:

Mid-Atlantic Cards from Virginia:

JCP : Mar 17/84 & Aug 11/84:

Harley Race In JCP For One Day January 1986:

Need Results For 2 Mid-Atlantic Shows:

Race (c) vs. Flair for the NWA title on Mid-Atlantic TV:

Jim Crockett's Last Card In 1988:

Great American Bash Tour 1986:

Is there Pro Wrestling USA record book?:

Has anyone ever tried dating these DVD sets Part 1:

JCP running in Buffalo NY night of Shea card??:

High Point, NC 1961:

Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling Card:

Piper vs Valentine After Starrcade 83:

Looking For Raleigh, NC TV Taping Results:

World Wide Wrestling(TV Taping Records):

JCP TV Tapings(1985-1986-1987 Rock Hill, SC):

Our Bud dbaker3179 On The Mid Atlantic Gateway:

JCP date question:

Late 80s JCP Question:

1986 JCP Results w/o Dates:

JCP/AWA @ Washington, DC on Apr 18/85:

NWA in Boston Garden Early 87?:

Mount Airy,NC:

Woodlawn,Virginia - 1981:

Pilot Mountain,NC - Nov.14,1981:

Newberry,South Carolina -Feb.19,1983:

Roanoke Rapids, NC(10/14/89):

Lenore West Virginia(1985 Event):

David Crockett As Wrestler David Finley Record Book:

Sting Vs Flair & Windham Vs Flair:

Anyone have NWA(JCP)PPV results fromall the PPV's from 86-90?:

Stan Hansen's WCW Results From His 1990-1991 Tenure:

Benoit In WCW:

NJPW/WCW Kollision In Korea Two Day Event:

WCW Toronto early 90's, Skydome:

Claw....Sting question for you:

1980's NC Indie Line Ups And Results:

Some All South Listings from South Carolina in 1974:

1974 Orangeburg SC(ASWA In South Carolina):

Atlantic Coast Wrestling(Nelson Royal's Promotion):

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