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 Posted: Wed Apr 27th, 2011 12:48 am
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The MSG sellout myth is one of wrestling most enduring fantasies. I honestly think Bruno believed what he was spewing here. Business in New York started to go in the toilet in 1966 when they lost VHF TV. The Spanish UHF station picked the show up in 1968 or so but business still sucked with the low point being a crowd of 5500 for the June 1969 card with Bruno vs. Steele on top. Things got so bad that the next months show was cancelled and the WWWF didn't appear again at the Garden until October. For what seems like absolutely no reason business took an amazing turn for the better in 1970 culminating with a true sellout on the June show with Bruno against Crusher Verdu. It was so hot that Bruno was drawing 18,000 against Geto Mongol.

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