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 Posted: Thu Nov 8th, 2007 06:13 am
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Who might have the had as strong faces at the time to challenge him and do you think he could have continued a run until Hogan came in?

Well he had had been through Maivia, Sammartino, Putski, Garea, Monsoon, Strongbow, Rhodes and Mascaras on the "good guy" side of the roster.

I think they would have had to get very creative in doing this (not saying that it is impossible) but I think some guys that would have worked (Hansen and Brody) were gone by 1978. Valentine and Patterson weren't in until later in the year (at least full-time) but would have worked.

Koloff and Patera would have been good. Antonio Inoki would have worked. The standard staple of WWWF bad guys (Duncum, Steele, Tanaka) ~ I dunno. None of those matches appeal to me.