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 Posted: Mon May 23rd, 2011 02:21 pm
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JB5 wrote: Big Garea Fan wrote: It is going to depend upon the 401K plans being offered by the employer's plan. A lot of your investing strategy is going to depend upon your age (when you are younger, you can afford to take chances; when you get older, you will be more conservative).

My only advice is:

a) if the employer offers a 401K matching program, invest at least enough to qualify for the 401K match

b) if you can afford it, invest as much as you can (up to a maximum of $16,500, can be higher if you are over 50) in your 401K to reduce your tax bill at the end of the year since 401K contributions are taken from your paycheck pretax.

The plans are done through Principal.

My employee does match up to 3%. I was going to invest at least that, but possibly up to 5-7%

I second what BGF told you.  Also, before giving advice, I'd have to know a lot more about you and your plan.

*  What are Principal's choice options?  Usually, in 3rd party situations like this, you only get a limited selection to choose from.
*  How old are you?  How many years do you have until retirement?
*  How much to you have in retirement already?

A decent new retirement vehicle for the novice investor is lifecycle funds, which mirrors strategy BGF mentioned.

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