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Friday, May 3, 1957 – State Armory – Cumberland, MD
1) Doc Doganero vs. Chief Big Heart
2) Jim Bernard vs. Len Rossi
3) Gloria Barattini vs. Mae Young
4) Ricki Starr vs. Oyama Kato

Wednesday, June 5, 1957 – State Armory – Cumberland, MD
1) Jackie Nichols defeated Bobby Wallace
2) Danny McShain defeated Harry Lewis
3) Chief Big Heart fought Jerry Graham to a double-DQ in three falls
4) Antonino Rocca defeated Roy Shire

Friday, July 12, 1957 – Fairgrounds – Cumberland, MD
1) Danny McShain vs. Arnold Skaaland
2) Antonino Rocca & Chief Big Heart vs. Jerry Graham & Roy Shire

Wednesday, October 16, 1957 – State Armory – Cumberland, MD
1) Adrian Baillargeon vs. Jerry Graham
2) Chief Don Eagle vs. Yukon Eric
Also appearing: Danny McShain.

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