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 Posted: Fri May 2nd, 2008 08:14 pm
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OK unfortunately it's from Boxing and Wrestling Magazine from September 53 so not complete

here's some let me know if any use or interest and will do the rest for you -

2/22 Frederick Von Schadt Chicago W
8/21 Tommy O'Toole Los Angeles W
11/9 Bob Russell Philadelphia W

2/15 George Macriostas Detroit W
2/19 Fred Davis Chicago W
9/18 Billy Watson Toronto L
11/6 Tony Galento Newark D

5/18 Frank Sexton Providence D

2/1 Etherlbert Morgan Syracuse W
2/3 Ruffy Silverstein Milwaukee W
2/11 Hans Schnabel Chicago W
3/24 Joe Dusek Cincinnati W
3/25 Bill Longson St Louis W
3/30 Sky Hi Lee Syracuse W
4/1 Jim Londos Detroit D
4/4 George Linnehan Meridan W
4/6 Ray Eckert Toronto W
4/11 Frank Hewitt Hartford W
4/16 Vic Holbrook Brooklyn W
4/22 Bill Longson St Louis W
4/27 Frank Sexton Baltimore D
5/6 Sky Hi Lee Detroit W
5/10 Jim London Syracuse D
5/13 Sandor Szabo Buffalo W
5/15 Wladek Kowalski Detroit W
5/16 Wladek Kowalski Detroit W
5/19 Frank Sexton Rochester D
5/20 Argentine Rocca St Louis W
5/25 Bill Longson St Louis W

Toured Sth American winning 42 matches inc vs Max Olivera in Rio

unk Lee Henning San Fransico W
unk Elmer Estep Newark W
unk Gene Stanlee Paterson D
unk Mr Paris NY City W

12/12 Green Hornet NY City W

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