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 Here are the NWA title defenses for Minneapolis and St. Paul. As you can see the Twin Cities were NWA towns up till late 1959.

Jan. 3, 1950 Minneapolis Att.3, 500

Lou Thesz (c) and Enrique Torres (subbing for Butch Levy) drew 60:00

Feb. 21, 1950 Minneapolis Att.-7,200

Lou Thesz (c) pinned Enrique Torres 33:51

May 30, 1950 Minneapolis Att.-5,281

Lou Thesz over Bronko Nagurski by countout 23:41

June 6, 1950 Minneapolis Att.-8,197

Bronko Nagurski and Lou Thesz drew 60:00 ref Wally Karbo

Oct. 31, 1950 Minneapolis Att.-6,190

Lou Thesz(c) over Hans Schnabel by dq

March 2, 1951 St. Paul Armory Att.-2,307

Lou Thesz (c) over Hans Hermann by countout

April 3, 1951 Minneapolis Att.-7,854

Vern Gagne and Lou Thesz (c) drew 60:00

June 26, 1951 Minneapolis Att.-9,146

Lou Thesz (c) defeated Bronko Nagurski 21:41 ref Jack Morgan

Oct. 30, 1951 Minneapolis Att.-4,436

Lou Thesz (c) over Pat O'Connor 29:07

April 15, 1952 Minneapolis Att.-7,344

Lou Thesz (c) pinned Bronko Nagurski 19:31

June 24, 1952 Minneapolis Att.-8,236

Lou Thesz (c) pinned Bronko Nagurski 23:18

Dec. 23, 1952 Minneapolis Att.-6,581

Lou Thesz (c) pinned Paul Baillargeon 25:16

Feb. 20, 1953 St. Paul Armory Att.-3,318

Lou Thesez (c) (managed by Ed "Strangler" Lewis) and Paul Baillargeon drew 60:00

April 18, 1953 St. Paul Auditorium Att.-7,172

Lou Thesz (c) pinned Paul Baillargeon 21:04 ref Bob Foster

April 21, 1953 Minneapolis Att.-6,488

Lou Thesz (c) pinned Bronko Nagurski 22:00

June. 30, 1953 Minneapolis Att.-8,641

Verne Gagne and Lou Thesz (c) drew 60:00 ref Bob Foster

Sept. 15, 1953 Minneapolis Att.-3,837

Lou Thesz (c) over Kinji Shibuya by dq 15:30 Shibuya throw salt in Thesz's eyes. Ref Bill Kuusisto called a halt to the proceedings.

Dec. 29, 1953 Minneapolis Att.-8,166

Lou Thesz (c) and Pat O'Connor drew 60:00

March 2, 1954 Minneapolis Att.-6,950

Lou Thesz (c) over Paul Baillargeon by countout

May 1, 1954 St. Paul Auditorium Att.-8,880 gate-$16,377.50

Lou Thesz (c) over Kinji Shibuya by dq 21:34 ref Joe Louis Hard Boiled Haggerty seconded Shibuya

Sept. 21, 1954 Minneapolis Att.-5,238

Lou Thesz (c) and Pat O'Connor drew 60:00

Nov. 30, 1954 Minneapolis Att.-5,399

Lou Thesz (c) over Hard Boiled Haggerty by dq 29:40

Jan. 18, 1955 Minneapolis Att.-6,347

Lou Thesz (c) and Hard Boiled Haggerty drew 60:00

April 30, 1955 St. Paul Armory Att.-3,379

Lou Thesz (c) over Hard Boiled Haggerty by dq 27:49

May 3, 1955 Minneapolis Att.-2,810

Lou Thesz (c) pinned Fred Atkins 22:25

Dec. 3, 1955 St. Paul Auditorium Att.-3,495 snowed

Lou Thesz (c) pinned Kinji Shibuya 20:23 Thesz used a Graeco -Roman back drop, the hold which ended the career of Cliff Gustafson

Feb. 14, 1956 Minneapolis Att.-4,280

Lou Thesz (c) and Butch Levy drew 60:00

June 19, 1956 Minneapolis Att.-2,945

Whipper Bill Watson (c) over Lord Athol Layton 23:38

Oct. 23, 1956 Minneapolis Att.-2,984

Whipper Bill Watson (c) over Fritz von Erich and Karl von Schober by dq 11:17 ref Jack Morgan (Watson was to face Yukon Eric, but Eric showed up with 2 broken fingers)

Jan. 15, 1957 Minneapolis Att.-4,219

Lou Thesz (c) over Hard Boiled Haggerty by dq for refusing to break an illegal hold 22:15 (ref Bearcat Wright)

Jan. 26, 1957 St. Paul Armory Att.-2,431 gate-$5,759.70

Lou Thesz (c) and Ivan Kalmikoffs was a double countout (ref Bronko Nagurski) Sam Muchnick was at ringside

May 14, 1957 Minneapolis Att.-2,974

Lou Thesz (c) over Butch Levy

Nov. 12, 1957 Minneapolis Att.-3,289

Lou Thesz (c) and Buddy (Nature Boy) Rogers was a 60:00 draw

Dec. 7, 1957 St. Paul Armory Att.-3,103

Dick Hutton (c) over Kinji Shibuya 21:35 (ref Jack Pesek)

Dec. 10, 1957 Minneapolis Att.-2,546

Dick Hutton (c) and Hard Boiled Haggerty drew 60:00

Feb. 18, 1958 Minneapolis Att.-2,495

Dick Hutton (c) pinned Paul Baillargeon 33:20

April 19, 1958 St. Paul Armory Att.-1,988

Dick Hutton (c) over Hard Boiled Haggerty by dq 24:25

July 29, 1958 Minneapolis Att.-2,920

Dick Hutton (c) and Ilio DiPaolo drew 60:00

Sept. 16, 1958 Minneapolis Att.-2,510

Dick Hutton (c) pinned Joe Pazandak 35:00

Sept. 19, 1958 St. Paul Armory Att.-1,890

Dick Hutton (c) pinned Ilio DiPaolo 26:37

Oct. 21, 1958 Minneapolis Att.-3,166

Dick Hutton (c) vs Lou Thesz drew when neither could make the 20 count

Jan. 6, 1959 Minneapolis

Dick Hutton (c) over Mitsu Arakawa by dq for throwing salt in Hutton's eyes

Jan. 31, 1959 St. Paul Armory Att.-2,427

Pat O'Connor (c) stopped Mitsu Arakawa with a reverse cradle rock 18:10

Feb. 5, 1959 Minneapolis Att.-2,089

Pat O'Connor (c) defeated Mighty Ursus

March 10, 1959 Minneapolis Att.-2,500

Pat O'Connor (c) defeated Hans Schmidt

April 25, 1959 St. Paul Armory Att.-2,141

Pat O'Connor (c) over Karol Kalmikoff (subbing for Dick Hutton) (ref Butch Levy)

June 30, 1959 Minneapolis Att.-2,919

Pat O'Connor (c) over Kinji Shibuya (ref Wally Karbo)

Aug. 25, 1959 Minneapolis Att.-2,516

Pat O'Connor (c) over Kinji Shibuya 22:15

Oct. 15, 1959 Minneapolis Att.-3,322

Pat O'Connor (c) and Frank Townsend drew 60:00

Oct. 17, 1959 St. Paul Armroy Att.-2,597

Pat O'Connor (c) over Joe Pazandak by dq for knocking out the referee Larry Hennig