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 Posted: Sun Aug 21st, 2011 08:27 pm
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BayouBoogie wrote: TXM wrote:
PeteF3 wrote: Davis actually stuck around as an undercard wrestler for about 2 to 2-and-a-half years. He was pretty over as a heel to start with but clearly had nothing to do after the feud with the Bulldogs ended. He had a feud with George Steele and then he was working openers against Sam Houston.

Long had the more successful post-turn stint but the Davis-as-heel-ref angle itself was worked so, so much better. I don't even recall any build-up to Long's heel turn, he just fast-counted the Roadies out of the blue and that was that. Davis was creating headaches for months on end and getting tangentially involved in all the major angles: Piper, Hogan, and Steamboat all got screwed over by him at some point. Depending on if you believe it was intentional or not, the Davis build-up went back as far as a year when he was the ref for the Tito/Savage title change.
I might be woing, but I seem to remember there was some foreshadowing, regarding the Long heel turn. I just cannot point to any specifics. Perhaps someone else can.

They built Long as a heel for several weeks, at least. He screwed JYD out of a win against Simmons (that was Simmons heel turn as well). He just basically screwed with the babyfaces for many weeks before the turn. i know it was built up, to the point that I expected to see something big in that match at the Rajin Cajun Clash. It was defnitely foreshadowed.

The Davis thing was done much better overall, though. they really made that a focal point of their shows for months.
Didn't teddy officially turn heel helping Doom win the NWA tag titles?

Danny Davis was well done, costing the bulldogs the tag belts against the Hart Foundation refusing to count a pin when the Bulldogs(Davey Boy I believe) had Bret Hart pinned by going out to check on the other Bulldog