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 Posted: Mon Aug 22nd, 2011 01:33 am
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mike3775 wrote:Didn't teddy officially turn heel helping Doom win the NWA tag titles?

It was the Varsity Club at the Rajin Cajun Clash of April 89. Then he got fired during Simmons heel turn on the Dog. Then he came back as a manager. Not sure who he had first, but he brought Norman the Lunatic in early on (just to play the mistreated, dim-witted heel who becomes lovable babyface). I know he hooked up with Simmons and Reed early on as well. I recall him scouting them and I THINK they formed a team very briefly. I know Teddy talked about teaming them up. But then they disappeared and a couple of big black guys who looked very much like them showed up under hoods as Doom (with Woman). Teddy then brought in the SkyScrapers. Doom didn't join Teddy and become champs until after their unmasking in early 90.

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