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 Posted: Wed Oct 5th, 2011 04:09 am
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clawmaster wrote:
thunderbolt wrote: I totally appreciate the work which has gone into this idea, but not wanting to be a pain in the ass, let me suggest this - 5 brackets for five positions ending in an alltime starting lineup.   Still plenty of room for debate on stuff like 'is Duncan a 4 or a 5' or 'was Jerry West a 1 or a 2', but it might make it easier to break down the brackets.

 I like that idea.

Two things I'm thinking:

To play off of T-Bolt's suggestion, we could make 8 brackets if we take "hybrid players" into account. As T Bolt mentioned, West was a 1 and a 2. Duncan and Garnett have been 4 and 5's. Dr. J was a 2 and 3. Larry Bird was a 3 and 4. We could figure out which 3 brackets make the most sense by virtue of having the most common players play multiple positions and add those to the five "singular" positions. This might get a bit complicated though.

Second thing would be to stick with 5 positional brackets. Make it 14 participants per positional bracket for 70 participants total. Top 2 seeds get a bye, bottom 12 play a play-in round. After the play-in, we're left with 40 participants in 5 brackets of 8. That'll get whittled down to 20, or 5 brackets of 4; take those 20, throw them all in one big bucket, reseed 1 through 20, and then throw those guys into one big battle royal. Top 12 get the bye, bottom 8 seeds do a play-in. Then you're left with 16, at which point it plays out straight till there's a victor.

Ultimately what we're doing here is assuring that the best-of-the-best don't get eliminated before they get a fair shake. By narrowing down to 5 brackets of 4, you're essentially assuring that the 4 best at each position will be, you'll be comparing apples-to-apples.

As an additional wrinkle for my second suggestion, you could break it out by eras--since the NBA is 65 years old this year, the halfway point would be 1978 or 1979. You could do pre-1978 vs. post 1978 or maybe even pre ABA/NBA merger vs. post ABA/NBA merger. That way, you'll be able to compare contemporaries and/or at least get a few of the old timers into the round of 20.

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