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 Posted: Sat Oct 15th, 2011 04:08 am
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clawmaster wrote:
The Ultimate Sin wrote: clawmaster wrote:
Good debate here.

Re: Winning and Karl Malone

Is it Karl Malone's fault he played in the same era as Michael Jordan?

It's not that, though. He has shitty players around him. Greg Ostertag and Mark Eaton at center. I liked Eaton, but he was just a huge guy plugging up the middle.

Hornacek or Jeff Malone at shooting guard were decent.

Stockton was just a passer who scored out of the pick and roll because of Malone's skill.

Who the fuck did they ever haver at the small forward.

Sloan ran a one dimensional offense that was easily shut down in the playoffs when opponents actually started to play defense. The Jazz never attempted to play enough defense to be successful in a tough playoff series.

Malone was a great player on shitty teams.

Duncan had better teammates and a better coach, that's why I'd put him just below Malone.

The Jazz played The Bulls in the finals. So yes it was Jordan that kept Malone from winning. What The Jazz lacked was that third guy to go with Stockton and Malone. Blue Edwards and Jeff Hornacek weren't going to stop Jordan or Pippen in crunch time.

Just like Partick Ewing lacked a great scoring guard to go with him and Oakley. John Starks. Please.

Jordan kept them from winning the title in one of the 10 years they flopped in the playoffs, that was my point. Jordan's Bulls drilled the Ewing, the Cavs, and Barkley's teams regularly, but the Jazz only had one shot, and that year they weren't even the best team in the west.

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