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 Posted: Tue Nov 13th, 2007 11:03 pm
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srossi wrote: beejmi wrote: 5/27/77 St Louis
WWWF Champion Superstar Billy Graham beat Bob Backlund COR

Backlund's first WWWF title match. Interesting that it is held on a non-WWWF card (perhaps to "protect" Backlund)

Seems thrown together by Muchnick rather than having anything to do with the WWWF.  At that point he had only appeared on a few WWWF TV in 6-man matches or against jobbers.  He was actually still an AWA regular more than a WWWF regular and not really getting pushed there either.  In fact up until this point, St. louis is the only place that Backund has been pushed.  Going through these results, it seems like he was given some chances higher on the card in tag teams in Florida, but as a singles competitor he was strictly the guy who would go out there and warm up the crowd with a 20-minute draw as one of the first 3 matches on the card everywhere he went.   Except in St. Louis where he was  given main events seemingly out of nowhere.  I don't know if maybe Vince Sr. told Muchnick to book it to see what kind of match they could have together, possibly but I'm thinking no.

The Funks put Backlund over in the Western States (TX) back in '74 and that's a lot of 'rasslin cred.  Over the years from what I have read, I take it that when Backlund came into the Western States territory he was supposed to be jobbed out.  Dory Jr. and the "booking committee" (I need to find the story I read but it's great) saw the new guys and took one look at Backlund to realize they could draw with him based on his build (not to sound gay, as if there's anything wrong with that:D

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