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 Posted: Fri Dec 9th, 2011 04:52 pm
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TXM wrote:
I thought about naming Cherone, but the guy can sing. I think it was more of a timing thing, more than anything else. I always thought cherone would have been the ideal replacement for Freddie Mercury in Queen,

Also, the little Filipino dude who sings for Journey now is a monster.

Of course Cherone can sing, but you asked for worst replacement singer, and he was. Good in his own right, horrible replacement choice for VH.

From a die hard Journey fan: Pineda can sing, but hes a tribute band singer, nothing more. If they werent trotting out Perry clone, after Perry clone, like they have w/3 singers now, &continuing to call it Journey? I wouldnt feel that way. Guys good, but how did he get the job? Imitating/sounding like someone else. Just like Augeri &JSS did.

Augeri's voice nearly gave out, trying to imitate Perry.

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