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 Posted: Fri Dec 9th, 2011 05:18 pm
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TXM wrote:
stingmark wrote: TXM wrote:
I thought about naming Cherone, but the guy can sing. I think it was more of a timing thing, more than anything else. I always thought cherone would have been the ideal replacement for Freddie Mercury in Queen,

Also, the little Filipino dude who sings for Journey now is a monster.

Of course Cherone can sing, but you asked for worst replacement singer, and he was. Good in his own right, horrible replacement choice for VH.

From a die hard Journey fan: Pineda can sing, but hes a tribute band singer, nothing more. If they werent trotting out Perry clone, after Perry clone, like they have w/3 singers now, &continuing to call it Journey? I wouldnt feel that way. Guys good, but how did he get the job? Imitating/sounding like someone else. Just like Augeri &JSS did.

Augeri's voice nearly gave out, trying to imitate Perry.

But here's the thing, Journey is basically a nostalgia act now. Have been since Perry left. They make their money from touring. In that respect it's in their best interest to find someone who can mimic Perry. No one is going to a Journey show to hear some singer doing his own take on the classic Journey catalog. They want to hear something resembling what is on the albums.

So, that was my point somewhat? A nostalgia act, fronted by a tribute band singer? A guy singing someone elses songs? Dont call it Journey
then, as its not. I continue to laugh to this day, that Perry still gets paid from the band, yet hasnt been a member for over 10 yrs. He deserves to be, Neals such an ass.

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