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 Posted: Fri Dec 16th, 2011 02:42 pm
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Just finished two highly regarded apocolyptic horror type novels the last couple days. Yesterday it was 'The Bridge' by Jon Skipp and Craig Spector from 1991 which is a 'splatterpunk' genre book in the environmental apocalypse vein.
The day before it was Colson Whitehead's new book 'Zone One' set in Manhattan during the 'reconstruction' era, early after a zombie apocalypse.
Now I'm reading Tom Clancy's 'The Cardinal Of The Kremlin' again. I've sort of burnt myself out on non-fiction about two years ago and having been reading a lot of fiction since then. I've still got quite a pile of books here to read still. I'll probably get into Keith Richards' autobiography here over the holidays, which I've been putting off for a year now and then then go into some classic literature I have laying around.