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 Posted: Sat Dec 17th, 2011 03:01 am
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mike3775 wrote: carpetbeggar wrote: Now I'm reading Tom Clancy's 'The Cardinal Of The Kremlin' again
Are you going to read the Clancy John Ryan books in order?

I loved that book(Cardinal), and I think that is the best John Ryan novel Clancy did, with Debt of Honor and Executive Orders close 2nd and 3rd

I am a big Tom Clancy fan and I am trying to read the books in storyline order (according to: I have read "Without Remorse" and "Patriot Games" and am currently reading "The Red Rabbit".

I enjoy Clancy's books since I live in Maryland and many of his books in the series are based in the Baltimore-Washington area so I am very familiar with the settings. Additionally, I think Clancy is a class act since he has donated millions of dollars to the Johns Hopkins Hospital and Johns Hopkins University's School of Medicine as a gift for the treatment that he received while as a patient at the Wilmer Eye Clinic (Johns Hopkins Hospital).