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 Posted: Sat Dec 17th, 2011 01:39 pm
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carpetbeggar wrote: mike3775 wrote: carpetbeggar wrote: Now I'm reading Tom Clancy's 'The Cardinal Of The Kremlin' again
Are you going to read the Clancy John Ryan books in order?

I loved that book(Cardinal), and I think that is the best John Ryan novel Clancy did, with Debt of Honor and Executive Orders close 2nd and 3rd

I have no plans to at the moment as I have a huge list of books I have to read first. I'm the type of person who will buy books and not read them right away. I've got quite a few that I've gotten as long as four years ago that I've haven't gotten around to reading yet. I kinda like it that way as I can go to my bookshelf and always find a good selection of titles I haven't read, but obviously want to because I wouldn't have bought them in the first place. Not all of them, but a fair chunk of them I bought while they were on sale or discount and during the couple times I had one of those 'Chapters' bookstore discount cards that are good for a year and give you a certain % off on any book you buy and they give you tons of coupons for more discounts when you purchase the card.

It's like I have my own personal library.

I also try to avoid the big/major book retailers now as much as I can and always search any used book stores I come across to see if I can find anything I may be looking for first. I read a lot of classic literature (Homer, Arrian, Ceasar, Dickens, Doyle, Robert E. Howard that type of stuff) and will always buy that used as you can find anything like that in abundance and cheap at any used bookstore.

Even with graphic novels now, I'll always see if I can search out a used copy first, before buying brand new.
I used to be the same way with books, but now I have the e-reader so I have no need for books, but I still have not tossed or removed the books sitting on the shelves in my house because I like the way they look where they are at