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 Posted: Tue Dec 20th, 2011 03:17 am
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srossi wrote: BlueThunder wrote: srossi wrote: BlueThunder wrote: sek69 wrote: BlueThunder wrote: mike3775 wrote: gwlee7 wrote: BlueThunder wrote: Suicide of a Superpower- Pat Buchanan
I bet that's an interesting book.  I don't care for Buchanan's views most of the time and am certainly glad his run for president failed but, I respect the passion.  He was great on the McLoughlin Group that was on PBS.
Buchanan is a great pundit that I will admit, but as a serious Presidential candidate, no way should he ever run

I'd give my right arm to have him president.

Of course you would.

Boy, it would truly suck to see American companies returning back home, an end of the tidal wave of illegals, no more needless wars, massive deportations, and a restoration of the 2nd Amendment.

Well at least a couple of those things would suck.

This should be good. Which ones.

Not everyone is as xenophobic as you and Pat.  Not to mention inaccurate, as there is hardly a "tidal wave" of illegals, especially since the economic crash.  Funny thing is, before the border war was intensified by yahoos, illegals used to come here for seasonal work that Americans didn't want to do, make some money, then go home until the next year.  The more we enforce the borders, the more we make them stay here.  One of the unintended consequences that happens whenever we try to enforce unjust laws.  That's just fact, check out illegal immigration demos from the past 75 years.  We went from moderate two-way flow to massive one-way flow, although lately no one really wants to come here anymore comparatively speaking.

Your argument has more holes than swiss cheese. I'll grant you that illegal crossing has dipped because of the recession. Gee, what's going to happen once we get back on track? Please explained to me how we have an estimated 20 million illegals since the 1986 Reagan amnesty? If your theory was correct, we would have a fraction of that if the worked and went home.


I see you buy into the "doing jobs Americans won't do" malarky. Just curious, who did these jobs before we had this epidemic of illegals? I'll save you the time. Legal immigrants, teenagers, and low IQ Americans typiclly did these menial jobs.