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 Posted: Tue Dec 20th, 2011 03:25 am
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BlueThunder wrote: I see you buy into the "doing jobs Americans won't do" malarky. Just curious, who did these jobs before we had this epidemic of illegals? I'll save you the time. Legal immigrants, teenagers, and low IQ Americans typiclly did these menial jobs.

Blacks and Irish mostly, and they were legal immigrants by choice or force and there were a shitload of them.  Other legal immigrants had already moved up.  Obviously now we don't have that large influx of legal immigrants willing to do anything and we never will again.  And children of course.  Not teenagers, more like 10-year olds.  You're not going back far enough when it comes to child labor because it kinda makes Americans look bad, but a lack of child labor laws certainly helped a lot.  The lowest classes with the least rights will always do those jobs in any era.  Today those are illegal immigrants.  Between the social safety nets and a sense of entitlement, you're not turning back the clock and making anyone else do a lot of those jobs again, not even teens and sure as hell not most legals, many of whom are better educated than most on this board.  And that is hardly one of the top 100 problems we face today.

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